New Normal: Pope Francis Takes on the Economy

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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg political analyst Matthew Dowd, Timothy Reidy, Executive Editor at America Magazine and Michelle Meyer, senior U.S. economist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch discuss Pope Francis’ economic message on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Hasn't it?

The symbolic actions that he is done in conjunction with what he said.

He has totally flipped the view of the vatican.

In very few months from symbolic action.

The move from benedicta to francis has been abrupt.

What he wears -- how he conducts himself.

There is much more power in his words.

That is why they come across more forcefully.

He seems like a celebrity pope.

Wherever he goes, people may pay more attention to him.

He is looking to transform the church.

His style is very appealing.

He has a very challenging message.

People are listening.

He does not seem to be alienating people.

It is really remarkable.

You make the distinction of personal charity.

What do you mean by that?

What is the role and how do we help the poor?

In the 18th century or 19th century, new york was the heart of the matter.

In the city, there were a lot of poor.

He calls us to pay attention to the poor of this generation.

He is calling on the economic systems to pay attention to people who are left behind.

Do you see that occurring?

I think that he is pushing us to that.

People are talking about pope francis in a way that people have not talked about these teachings for a while.

He has upset a lot of conservatives who had said that they liked this pope.

Now he comes along and is talking about social justice and economic mobility.

Conservative catholics are shocked.

He is talking about what the church was founded on.

What does that mean for politics in the u.s.? you might have some conservative catholics running for president?

If you want a sweet spot for somebody running for president in 2016, you would take on washington and wall street simultaneously.

Both parties are captive.

Republicans are not able to take on wall street.

You would take some of the worst of what he is saying and fashion that and take on oath institutions.

You said in your work at princeton -- we just celebrated the anniversary of the assassination of the president.

There has been a shift.

With the assimilation of caplets in this country, they reflect the general electoral outlook.

We are moving in that direction.

Michelle meyer from bank of america is one person -- one person who has had an impact.

Tell us a little bit about what is so appealing about the message to the pope?

I think it is about being able to provide for everyone.

It is about being able to offer opportunities to everyone.

That is what they're getting at.

This is a challenging economy, across the globe.

Not just in the u.s. i think it is going to take a lot of policy changes and the pope clearly has a view on that.

He is weighing in on that.

Tell us about his personal background.

He was the archbishop of wayne us areas.

The economy there collapsed.

That plays into capitalism.

When he was elected, many people did not know who he was.

We are still learning about him and his time.

Also, his interactions with the poor.

He is someone who is always reached out.

The phrase that i use is ripped up the script.

We just saw images of desmond tutu.

The anglican experience against the africana experience in south africa.

With in the religion of south africa, there has been so much to mull.

-- tumult.

You, as a catholic, what do you see for south africa as they try to move forward?

This is a huge issue.

Nelson mandela was a huge, unifying figure.

Even in the last years of his life, he still helped people together.

What will happen among these groups in the coming days and years will be critical.

When you see south africa, do you perceive that religion still is front and center?

I believe that he was in a methodist school coming out of the tribes way back.

His religion still important there?

I think that the anglican church still has a presence there.

It can definitely play a role.

Part of the problem that they will face is within -- with his retreat from public life.

Politics has become much more better.

Much like america.

Much more tension and conflict.

Matt dowd is with us.

Michelle meyer, thank you for being with us.

Thank u so much for coming by on this historic day.

Let's do a forex report.

We went conventional.

Markets are really moving.

The euro is up.

Much more on "bloomberg

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