The Impact of European Pay Television Consolidation

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Roger Parry, Chairman at MSQ Partners, discusses television and entertainment deals in Europe and the overall landscape for the industry. He speaks with Manus Cranny on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)


What you make of what they are up to?

I think they have fixed the initial problem they have had.

They were hugely dependent on off air advertising.

A huge advertising slump.

He has fixed all of this.

All of the moves feel very logical.

Those deals have been praised.

When you buy and find out about the longevity of the content, -- the big business is what you are buying is a track record.

If people choose to go somewhere else or lose the magic touch, that is where it is tricky.

There is a question about if they can execute the strategy.

Does anyone disagree that this is a bad strategy?

They did not oh that much.

They own fabulous assets and they did not own downton abbey.

The question is what a lot of people have in america.

You have doubt in your voice.


I bought businesses myself in america.

We all think it is easy to do.

It is not.

We were chatting about diversification being the new norm in the british media.

Adam is heading towards america.

What do you think about diversification and the big moves for the institution.

Is it good and a solid move?

It is a solid move.

It is similar and different.

They are as big as they are ever going to be in the advertising.

It is hard.

In their case, it is content.

It is hard to imagine that there are going to be many more british households.

They are maxed out in numbers.

The logic is to look to europe.

The u.k. is a successful business and these guys are awesomely good at what they do.

If they can take that into germany and italy, which are much smaller, you can see big upside for them.

Both companies are as big as they are going to be.

What do you think there is a premium?

How much do you think?

You have been in business a long time.

It is more likely to be with a minority shareholder.

I agree with you.

It could be a challenge.

They could get the deal done with less of a challenge and they know exactly what they are doing.

They will have to do work around the house.

You have been part of the landscape for a long time.

Where are we in this as we look at this going forward?

That is where we are.

If you look at the trend, the business is very business-like and technocratic.

It is a showbiz business.

Now, industrial business.

The people at the top are thinking in a strategic financially-driven way.

It is like the business has matured and grown a bit.

If you run a monopoly, you not have to be that good.

Now, it is going to be a lot more effective.

It is great to get your input.

Roger perry.

The chairman.

Coming up, he has the nexet worth and mark zuckerberg turned 30. you'll might give up a hoodie any soon.

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