The Hidden Reasons Behind Facebook's Mobile Success

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Yext CEO and Co-Founder discusses Facebook's mobile success with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Facebook shares 31% since monday.

And one of the companies making the shift to mobile is a new york start up that helps local businesses think up their information.

-- sync up their information.

They came together in may.

How did that happen?

It is interesting.

If you look to find a local business, they may look on google, facebook, etc.

Facebook provides a richer search than even google.

We are talking about richer content.

And yext makes it possible for them to update across their platforms.

Explain how specifically yext it able to help facebook be more effective in its job.

Let's take a business.

This weekend i went to pick up a pie, and i came home empty- handed because the price store was closed.

You literally went to buy a pride.

Who says that?

My wife gave me the assignment and i came back in the doghouse be divided not get one.

And i checked the businesses and google said they were open.

I should have checked their facebook listing because they had an update the same day -- saying they were closed for the day.

But if they had used yext, they would have only had to update in one place.

Correct exactly, and it would have updated on mobil -- multiple -- exactly, and it would have updated on multiple platforms runway.

What you think that integration is happening from google to facebook?

Is it that local businesses feel like they're getting more of a personal relationship with their customers than they do want to go back here like i think it is about the phone.

Increasingly, it is about mobil.

Half of the searches got here -- on the phone are locally intended.

That means, like someone looking for a pie store.

They have launched a feature called graf search on google.

And they have captured 13% of searches -- kraft surged on facebook.

And have captured 13% of searches that way.

The reality is, alive content -- that is, the update, the pictures, all of that is happening because of the dynamic

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