The Greek Yogurt Craze Is Far From Over

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) – Chobani Founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya discusses the growth strategy for his yogurt company as well as his thoughts on companies coming back to manufacture in the United States. He speaks with Megan Hughes on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Also worth mentioning, a walmart supplier, thanks for being with us.

We are talking a lot about bringing manufacturing back to the united states.

You started your company in new york and grew it to a billion- dollar company.

What advice do you have for companies thinking about re- shoring?

It is the right time.

It everybody understands this is a great way to make things.

We are used to a lot of clouds and all that stuff.

It is a great american story.

A close factor, the small- town for revenue.

Wal-mart's commitment to buy $50 billion worth of extra merchandise in the next 10 years made in america is a gift when it comes to people like me.

Your product is a grocery product.

That makes it a lot easier in terms of marketing to someone like walmart because they needed to be close by.

What are some of the obstacles that you see?

Some of them are hard making decisions.

They really need to pay attention to them because they are the ones that will challenge them to change it.

You have less money, less contact, and we need to make sure that small businesses or some sort like that are committed to manufacturers.

Show them where to go and what to invest in.

The bankers need to be open- minded a little bit that great things will happen.

How is the government helping you?

I know you're part of this pilot program for new york schools.

Talk to me about some of the days -- ways that government grows business.

They have to be reminded of the small guys, we have less resources to make it happen.

It also reminds me that it is there.

When it comes to manufacturing, we can deliver.

We will find a way to deliver.

How they operate spending days and nights and evenings, i love it.

Why idaho?

Was it a government incentives?

Not really.

We needed six or seven.

Idaho had the least, but what we went for is the mindset.

We had the mindset that the people in idaho and the government had.

I will be fast.

We will get you an asset and we will talk about how to solve the problem.

We have that in 300 and 26 days, and one of the largest yogurt companies in the world.

And only in idaho and only in america.

We have just a little bit of time, but we are at this walmart organized summit today.

Announcing that the government is going to be hosting another summit coming up this fall.

Are these going to do the job?

Is this where re-shoring happens?

It is a good start, but they will have to go back to work.

A lot of inspiration is in the air.

The next step is to start building these factories.

We see a lot in the news , what happens to families and i think the shift, what happens to those people in those communities.

I think it is time to build factories.

One last question.

I know you have a new flavor and you have expanded in australia.

What is the next arise in?

We are developing a lot of great products.

We come up with what you can mix on either side.

You are going to love, these are awesome.

We spend a lot of time making

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