The Great Burrito Hack Was a Hoax

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Freshwire Founder and CEO Shawn Amos discusses how Chipotle picked up about 4,000 new followers amid its unconventional publicity stunt. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang.

Chipotle tried an unusual marketing tactic.

It's twitter account look like it had been hacked but the hack was a hoax.

Chris arnold tells a bloomberg this was orchestrated to help the company's 20th anniversary with a series of puzzles followers could solve.

Arnold says, we embedded the answer in a string of gibberish.

Fresh wire provides real-time premium content for brands worldwide.

Sean is with us from l.a.. is this smart or desperate?

It's a great pr move.

It got us talking.

There is that saying, any publicity is good publicity.

Is it good publicity?

Here we are.

I think it is relationship building, which is what we choose to use social media for.

It is a questionable move.

Chipotle picked up 4000 new followers yesterday as opposed to the usual 250 a day.

We will see how many of those hang around.

The chipotle communications director said , the aim was to spark conversation and call attention to that string of tweets so it will be easy for people to find the answer to that puzzle.

It did that.

Is there something disingenuous about this?

For my money, it's not how we like to use social media.

We believe social media should be used for building relationships over time, not a platform for a stunt.

It is a choice they made.

Mtv did a similar thing in february.

The mtv hoax got a lot of negative press.

This chipotle one is getting mixed press.

There is a gap between what the media thinks and what consumers think.

The jury is out.

I prefer authenticity.

You wonder what consumers think about this.

Is this a tactic among we will see other companies employing it ? i hope it doesn't portend a trend.

I would hope people are using social media accounts to engage in some credible relationship building versus using it to do body and says -- dupe audiences.

What is the best way to develop a long-term engaged following on twitter?

There is a great we use a lot from a guy named hall adams.

It says, relationships are built through many interactions.

That is what we live by and a lot of brands would do well to live by that as well.

It's difficult in this society we live in.

I think real relationships online or build the same way they are built in the off-line world, through one conversation at a time and hoping you're hitting people at the right moment at a time in their life when they're going to be receptive to you.

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