What the`Principle 6' Campaign Hopes to Accomplish

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Hudson Taylor, founder and executive director of Athlete Ally, discusses gay rights and the Winter Olympics with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

To stand with and support members of the gay community.

What led you to this activism?

It started for you back in college.

I found it athlete allied -- athlete ally three years ago.

In college, i had friends who were personally affected by the homophobic language of the locker room.

My senior year in college, i did an interview about why i am an ally and why i was speaking out.

I got thousands of e-mails from closeted athletes across the country.

Hearing their voices and their stories made me realize that if a wrestler can make that kind of impact for being an ally to the lgbt community, if i could get a professional athlete or an olympic athlete to talk about the value of sports and speak out on behalf of the lgbt community, that would change the world.

Your group started a campaign that is taken from the olympic charter and deals with, ironically enough, nondiscrimination.

Are you angry that the international olympic kitty matey -- international olympic committee is ignoring part of its own charter?

/'s laws are antithetical to what the olympic movement is about.

Discrimination of any kind is incompatible with the olympic movement.

It is unfortunate reality.

As someone who loves sports and is a member of the athletic community, we have a responsibility to make people aware of it.

Yesterday the ioc board approved a letter reminding athletes to refrain from any protest or political gestures during the games.

They also cited the olympic charter rule that no kinds of demonstrations or political or racial propaganda is omitted in any olympic site, then you -- or venue.

Are you encouraging athletes to protest?

We chose principle six because of that role.

By citing one of the charters of the olympic movement, we hope that an athlete is able to talk about their support of the only big movement and as a byproduct, speak out against unfair laws.

We hope that we are not seen as political or as a demonstration.

I am very much aware that athletes are there to compete at a couples lifelong goals.

For me, it is about creating a movement of people who are standing up and speaking out and hopefully when the games arrive, there will be an athlete who wants to speak out.

I am not in a position to ask an athlete to do that.

Let's talk about the sponsorship.

Mcdonald's, procter & gamble, they are looking to promote their brands.

They did not think they would be in the middle of a political human rights protest.

Billions of dollars at stake.

What is it that your group would like to see these sponsors do?

I would like to see sponsors be explicit about their commitment to human rights.

I understand the business side.

I understand that being a top sponsor of the olympics is not only something that affects these games, but future games.

It is not just about sochi.

It is about all of the games to come.

We cannot ignore the fact of what is happening to the lgbt community in russia.

I think a corporate sponsor have a platform and an ability to let lgbt views in russia know that it is ok to be gay.

They will not be discriminated against, and there are people in this world that care for them and said to them.

It would be really easy on behalf of these corporations to at least make a statement about that or help support the lgbt community in their outrage.

You've talked about future sporting events.

Showed world bodies like the ioc taking gay rights into consideration when they are awarding sporting events?

They should take all forms of human rights into consideration when they award these events full top -- award these events.

You can say that a company should not host the games unless they have its dollar -- unless they have a stellar human rights record.

You can also make the case that the ideals of what the olympics stand for this is an opportunity to change hearts and minds in a place where we otherwise couldn't. you think that is what de t

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