12 Days of Bitcoin: From NYC Streets to London Bars

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller discusses where in the world you can open a business and accept bitcoin for goods and services. He speaks to Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Where can i poop?

He finally looked up and said i am sorry, i am going to do it on the sidewalk.

Where can you go?

You can go anywhere to spend bitcoin but i wanted to know where i could open my new business that accepts bitcoin.

I feel like exchanging it for goods or services is probably the best way to get it, better than buying it or mining it.

Become a broker.

I do, for example i offer massages.

I will give you one for a bitcoin.

Q. you are a cheap date.

There are regulations all over the world that are driving down the price, or up, depending, and in china it has become a problem.

I looked at where we can use bitcoin for my new business.

China is a problem.

They have been on an ounce of the rampage as if they -- an absolute rampage as if they hate this freedom loving currency and they want to beat the light out of -- life out of it.

Sounds like if you are a believer.

Bitcoin is about freedom.

China is not.

He is a believer.

They said banks can't accept it.

Any third-party software companies that want to help merchants can't use it and then they said the biggest exchange and the world can't use it.

Canada has been very accepting of it.

Of course.

Although only a few people live in canada, there is an atm in vancouver where you can get it done directly.

I put the u.s. in yellow was kind of a maybe because you still have to -- there is a lot of regulation.

We are at the very beginnings of bitcoin in trying to figure out how to regulate it.

Governments are trying to figure out how to get as much money as possible.

That is what governments want.

If it is currency, it suffers a tax.

But as an asset -- exactly.

That is happening all over the place right now.

In norway if you want to buy bitcoin from you, and i give you my krone, you have to pay it back.

If you recall, cyprus -- cyprus is such a small country.

People were using bitcoin there.

The university accepts it in exchange for tuition.

Southern europe has really grasped onto this.

Aside from the regulation, people in spain, a lot of them put all of their euros in bitcoin.

In order to save them.

The same is true with cyprus and greece.

Serious of the countries in southern europe that have the most difficulty are the ones that who have embraced bitcoin.

They did not like the old money.

The problem is their banks are going to fail and those people do not like to pay taxes.

The deposit accounts and cyprus were seized.

I joked earlier but you are a bit of a believer.

You think there are a lot of positive things.

Most people who delve into it and really study it, most people who read about it, most people that understand the movement and the people involved are believers.

I have not met anyone who is not.

You are about to.

Scott, do you think this thing has legs the accor i am like most of your viewers, which means i'm skeptical of where this goes.

Not to say it is going to go away.

I just can't, frankly, imagine it becoming widely accepted.

How can you have a currency that is not backed by any government in the world?

Happy new have a currency the central bank can't devalue -- how can you have a currency that

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