The Future of the Murdoch Media Empire

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Rupert Murdoch’s eldest son, Lachlan, is back in contention for control of the family’s global media empire, propelled by closer ties with his father and insulation from a business scandal that tarnished the reputation of younger brother James two years ago. Edmund Lee has more on the future of the Murdoch media empire on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Nonexecutive cochairman?

What does that mean, exactly?

It means he is keeping it all in the family.

A family run business.

He has always wanted to get them more involved in the business.

This ensures that the worthy aspect of it is that laughlin left the company a few years ago.

He had a falling out with his dad.

Finally he convinced him to come back in a more specified, more defined role.

He is back in contention to potentially run the company one day.

The other son?

He is also in contention as well.

You know, there is a bit of king lear going on.

Like i said, it is not easy to be one of his sons.

Interesting that he is still keeping the family intact.

That it will be his family members that succeed him.

And he has said that publicly.

He has always wanted his children to succeed him and he has always been patriarchal he focused.

Left out of this right now is his daughter, elizabeth.

He actually has four daughters.

Apparently, from what sources tell us, she is the most like rupert himself in terms of character, business, that kind of stuff.

She is still part of the company . she has started a television from -- television production company called shine.

Fox bought it a few years ago.

Not bad when you can sell money to your dad.

He has a history of doing that, purchasing his kids companies.

What is the sense of whether or not his kids can really fill his shoes?

Can they?

A good question.

They have different personalities with different abilities.

His second son is known as more of a technocrat.

He is very efficient and is a good operator type.

Laughlin is seen more as having more charisma and is more of a smooth operator.

Easy-going, easy to talk to.

Elizabeth is reportedly the most hard-nosed business person.

Acting the most like him.


Who knows what might happen months down the road or years.

Thank you.

Facebook, everyone, continues her buying spree, this time

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