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Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) -- YouAreTv founder Josh Weinstein discusses the future of digital media with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


Josh weinstein, thank you for coming in.

There he met a, on tv, talking about tv, but describe how you knew the market was ready for your company.

We were doing chat roulette for college students and we accidentally created an interactive game show that you could feed.

We were like -- if we are going to put in all of this production value and offering this amazing opportunity, why not let an infant number of people be able to watch?

You are tv is what we focused on.

Wax basically let everyone get into the mix, yes?

Yes,. -- yes, exactly.

Obviously, you caught the attention of some big backers.

What is it about this the day believe in?

Two different things.

Not too to my horn a little bit, but it is all about investing in people in the beginning and, like i said, we were doing something completely different and we did believe in the vision . softbank is very excited about next gen media and the idea that everyone is connected through mobile phones.

Honestly, what is the next generation of media?

Everyone is trying to figure it out.

Is live, participatory, and one of your previous guests talked about twitter being a big winner.

What is your revenue model?

One of the things that you probably heard on twitter was one hedge fund manager saying that right now i am getting everything for nothing and i actually pay a membership rate for when they take out what i need.

They are not a typical company.

I know that you did not like it and they came back.

We are more of a company that works with others like bloomberg to power the next generation of television media.

Out of curiosity, did you just not think it was the right environment out there?

I am born and raised in new york, i definitely love it here.

It has not hurt in terms of raising money, but what has it changed?

There is tons of access to folks in media here, not to take away from those sectors, and this would be a great place for you.

This is not your first start up.

What is different about this experience for you, personally?

A lot.

Instead of incremental, transformational.

How does this continue as you go forward and see your revenue model one year from now?

There are three ways, the first goal is media entertainment and as i told you, there is a big opportunity in tv , but one of the things that was really unforeseen was radio.

One of the key aspects is -- ok, the internet is going to revolutionize media.

What does it do for television?

With a radio, there is already bidirectionality.

That is a huge opportunity.

The other two are perfect communications.

A lot to take on.

Josh, congratulations so far, we wish you the best of continued luck.

Joining me there.

Josh weinstein.

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