The Future of Internet Subscription Services

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Ken Sena, managing director of research at Evercore Partners, discusses the willingness of consumers to use internet subscription services. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Now netflix has more subscribers than aol ever had.

I like just the way netflix -- it is a pretty chart -- where they have got -- could not of going to without broadband.

We will talk with a guest on google in a little bit, but right now with the chart you just saw.

You are at evercore.

You follow this.

What is the best thing you can learn from aol's decline, its struggle, the worst practices?

What can we learn from the debacle known as aol?

They are still trying to find subscription for services that people want versus the dialogue, which is no longer needed.

It is just a fact of life.

Description service, where is they -- there is successful one other than "the wall street journal," or "the new york times""? is a question of whether the business will somehow inflect -- and there is even affect patient that he could grow again.

When you look at that chart it would seem unlikely.

But i think what aol is exploring is whether they can offer dollars around maybe starbucks, itunes credits, etc., for folks who are paying $15 or so a month.

With a stick around?

You know, i think for most investors they are skeptical.

Subscription services that are successful -- netflix, pandora, spotify.

You answered your own question.

I am going to itunes radio more and more.

This whole fee things to me is untested.

I think companies are getting better and better at determining when a user or viewer would likely be willing to pay, what the value is of the content.

So, i think there is an opportunity.

Ken, stick with us.

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