The Future of Cable Post CBS-TWC Battle

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August 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bo Peabody, Greycroft Venture Partner, discusses the ramifications of the ongoing battle between CBS and Time Warner Cable. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You have a cbs addiction.

"homeland"? that is showtime.

I have five people say i don't care about the store.

People are like, big yield.

If there are no shows you want to watch right now.

Where will you watch pga championship this weekend?

Or nfl football?

If you want to watch it.

You are going to tempt some people who would never go to to watch this to do it, and then they will realize it is not so bad.

Why pay $200 a month for cable.

Will there be a chance to see the internet of either charging more to get things like netflix, to take advantage of us watching streaming television?

Certainly google feels it is going that way.

Intel feels it is going that way.

Sony feels it is going that way.

It is what they are gearing up for.

Clay christiansen at harvard talks about disruptive technology.

Disruptive cash flows.

This is about very predictable, very large cash flows that are kind of like a drug.

In honor of a, we will go there.

I think it will follow the old adage, more in 10 years and less than two years that we think.

I think in 10 years, tv will look completely different but two years from now, it is probably not going to look at different.

I think it will take a long time.

You have deals with major league sports that are 20 years long.

Lives for to still -- not like cable providers in the network do not see it coming.

It is not like they are caught lying.

Then absolutely.

And they are gearing up for it.

Bolan had the quote that they've might stop offering.

What are they doing other than putting the pipe in the house?

Pretty valuable.

Can you get a pipe somewhere else?

Have you talked to friends who have fios?

It is not a great.

There are real technical issues with this stuff.

Broadband, in our office at 58 in madison, does not work that well.

To depend on broadband instead of the cable that is running into your home, it is a lot for people to do.

The "barons" cover, that flick in the hole.

Others going completely the other way.

I think there is a lot of hype around the amount of money they spend and the quality of these programs.

I think the programs are great.

Are they going to drive the stock?

I don't know.

, should we let the audience know -- so we let the audience know

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