The Ford F-150: America's Top-Selling Vehicle

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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Ray Wert, founder of Tiny Toy Car, discusses Ford's top-selling F-150 with Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Driving this.

The f1 50 is the absolute profit bomb.

They make so much money with that truck.

Is a monster, an absolute monster.

So much money off of it and they sell so much of them it will be consistent way the prophet grabber for the company.

A lot of people who do not cover cars do not realize car makers will not tell us what their margins are.

They will not tell analysts what they are.

They will let you guess him and tell you if you're in the ballpark.

If they were to do that, you could quickly figure out whether profits will look like for the year.

They are closely guarded secrets as to how much money they are making off of each feature and each of the options on the trucks.

Because of how well or how many options provided on those trucks, you have got an opportunity to start at a low price and get up in the lower -- in the 40's and 50,000. you could get one for 29 or $30,000 when you buy a raptor and completely loaded with everything, it gets almost 260, or maybe a little bit above it.

These vehicles, they do not have a lot of the many more.

Gm has a great seller with the yukon and the suburban but everyone else has dived out of the market.

There are a lot of reasons.

Ford realized going after enthusiast market is extraordinarily important.

That means going after the built in fan base that could sort of act as a third-party validator for the brand.

Something you were mentioning earlier is there was also a manufacturing issue for why they may not be able to provide that.

Nobody else builds a raptor according to -- they just do not have reduction lines wide enough.

There is such a big production line, maybe an ode to henry ford, who invented the thing, that they could make this and nobody else has a wide enough line.

Everybody else makes some.

I wonder why ford, for example, they are not doing a new exposition.

They do not have a sweet new navigator.

Gm is cleaning up that market.

They might be, but as people are starting to realize they could get smaller crossovers that provide the same level of utilities they are getting out of the larger ones, where they are finding they do not need that level of utility provided, they are starting to downgrade and say, we could go for something smaller.

Totally unrelated, we had travis on yesterday.

I accused him of being canadian,

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