The Fishy Company Getting Celebrities `Tanked'

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Wayde King, CEO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and star of Animal Planet's hit show "Tanked," discusses some of the fish tanks he has built for celebrities with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Thank you for having me.

I've have been doing aquarians my whole life.

It has been a hobby and ate came into reality and i love to do -- i love to do it.

Let's start with some of your largest aquariums.

You did at 33,000 gallon aquarium where?


petersburg beach in florida?

It was 33,000 gallons.

The tank is approximately 32 feet long, 20 feet wide, 18 feet wide.

You can see the whole aquarium.

I understand you can also snorkel inside the tank.

That was one of my specialties.

I actually dove in the tank with guy harvey.

I did it for one of the reveals.

The resort is actually going to have special guests that come down there and they can snorkel.

What kind of like can we find inside the tanks?

It has groupers, an eel, there are some sharks.

Anything and everything can be put into it.

Tell us about another thank you made for a church in dallas.

It was a 70,000 gallon tank.

It took 2.5 years to build the tank and has two tunnels that you walk underneath to get to the church.

It is spectacular.

This has 70,000 gallons.

What are some of the parameters for the kind of tanks that you build?

You build anything up to a certain amount or what are some of the restrictions?

There are no restrictions.

It is mainly budget.

The acrylic tank was seven inches thick on the front panel and the tunnel was 5.5 inches thick.

Any size, anywhere in the world.

Where do you build these?

The manufacturing plant is in las vegas and it tank like this you would build on site.

What about the cost?

The church tank was about $4.5 million.

2.5 years to build it.

More than $4 million and that is without the fish.


You ever had any problems with the tank that the fish do not like it or the owner does not take care of it the way they should?


they have a marine biologist that lives on staff.

They have a quarantine system so all the fish are put into a quarantine system.

They are actually acclimated and put into the aquarium.

I want to turn your attention to what tank you did for a hollywood committee -- tracy morgan who was involved in an automobile crash.

Describe what you did for him.

He is a one-of-a-kind guy.

We did a few tanks for him.

The one you are talking about is a jaws theme aquarium.

We have to build this in pieces and bring it out into his basement.

It was 20 feet long, five feet wide, and about four feet tall.

It had some body parts in it.

It has a steering wheel and sharks.

Where did the sharks come from?

The ocean.

How do you get a shark is went into a tank?

We have suppliers and they were shipped in with air cargo with oxygen and heat packs.

We had to acclimate them and put them into the aquarium.

How do you suggest someone get started into the world of these tanks?

I started when i was about seven years old.

My stepfather was the first service guy in new york city to take care of the query's. -- of aquariums.

From there, it expanded.

Now, i am capable of showing the world on my tv show all these crazy aquariums.

Is there a particular tank that houses a fish or aquatic life that we wouldn't see anywhere else?

You can have a jellyfish aquarium.

Years ago, they braved difficult and today they are not.

They are farm raised.

Their raised in an aquarium first and then put into a home aquarium so they're easier to take care of.

Some of the bigger species, we don't recommend.

Maybe in a public aquarium.

Home aquarium, you can have saltwater, freshwater, a synthetic reef, you can have almost anything you want any theme you want.

What about dwyane wade tank?

That was a tough install.

We had very minimum time and a shipping company had a little mishap and it took a little while to get there.

We got it done.

He showed off his sneakers.

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