The Fight to Fuel and Protect Innovation in America

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Adriane Brown, president and COO at Intellectual Ventures discusses the increase in patent wars and how her company works to provide access to patents and funding to drive innovation. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

The president and chief operating officer for intellectual ventures survived palmyra, new york winters for almost 20 years.

. she joins us today.

Everyone who can survive in elmira is worth something.

What is patent control?

At intellectual ventures, we believe that inventions are valuable.

We have since we started in 2000, we have generated over $6 billion in committed capital to invest in inventions.

That is a big deal in it -- the new new business sector.

When you think about patents trolls there are bad actors in the industry will take advantage of the growth and the opportunity.

When i see with intellectual ventures does, buying and investing in invention and finding ways to monetize them that are typical in the industry, i don't necessarily associate us with the bad actors.

Have the lawyers taken over?

Samsung vs apple, they are all embroiled in the patent war.

I think the inventors on the level of technology that is happening today is profound.

That is making competition in tents which is why we think it is important to have a secondary market for invention.

Which companies do you hold patents for?

We hold patents in our own name.

We own over 80,000 assets print our model is to try to give access to companies that want to use those inventions so they have the right they need and can, hopefully, thwart some of the competition in fighting that happens.

Congress is actually taking a closer look at our entire system.

What to the lawmakers need to know to protect america's intellectual property?

One of the most important things that we must do now is focus on the quality of patents.

As these ideas come into the patent office, we mean -- we need to make sure we have the talent to evaluate them and we have the funding necessary to ensure that the absence are healthy.

You came out of mit as a sloan fellow so you are the smartest person on the block.

What are the things the lawyers are getting wrong about this?

What we want to do every day , their minds turn off when they see a patent article.

They see so many.

Do we see more patent lawsuits than smart phone releases?

I think the number of lawsuits we are seeing is pretty consistent with the patents coming through.

It is not disconnected to the same kind of rate we saw before all of this huge takeoff in the technology field.

Is there a legal frenzy in patent science?

There are lots of legal actions being taken but i think it is consistent with the level of technology being introduced.

Our guest host for the hour is don behr.

Intellectual ventures is setting up a lobbying office in washington, dc to deal with federal officials.

What do people misunderstand when it comes to patents and innovation?

You and i need to talk later.

You raised the congressional action -- there is nothing more important to the growth of the u.s. economy right now than intellectual property and that we can continue to fuel this.

It is the potential for the explosion in next growth in this economy.

We have to make sure because it can be a very confusing area.

It's an area where people sometimes try to confuse things a little bit.

We need to make sure there is clarity around the fact that what we are trying to do here is to protect intellectual property rights and those people who are the inventors, the people who are the innovators, so we can continue to reward them.

That is what they deserve.

What is really needed is a campaign to drive clarity around all of this.

There is a new effort going on along these lines.

We will come back to this.

We will continue this discussion.

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