The Fight for New French Wind Farms

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Dec. 02 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Tara Patel reports on companies vying for wind power contracts in France. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It is edf and gdf.

They are the leading turbine producers.

It is actually the second round of tenders for offshore wind in france.

France has been a real laggard, falling behind other european countries in terms of developing offshore winds.

There are a lot of turbines turning in the u.k. and germany and offshore denmark.

France is really trying to get off its very first projects which may not even start producing electricity until the -- how did this happen?

French policy set their subsidies for renewable energy.

If it receives a certain amount of subsidies, france started off her a quickly.

They developed a lot of solar and realized it was building billions of euros of deficits for the power distributors.

This is being paid for by consumers.

There is a backlash here.

They have started to step back a little bit.

Slow development of renewables in order to figure out how to pay for them.

You bring up the issue of how these things are financed.

Given the economic climate that exists in france, what is the propensity for the country to want to push on?

How much desirability is attached to wind projects like this?

I think there is a desire by the government, definitely.

The president demonstrated that he really wants to bush ahead with renewables.

He even made a campaign promise that he wants to back away a little bit from nuclear energy.

The other aspect of developing renewable energy in france is the backlash from local communities and even this offshore wind, one of the projects that gdf and edf are going to fight out to win has been in development for over a decade.

Local communities have fought the offshore thing that is going to ruin their view of the sea, it is not something they want.

I think all over france, even onshore wind and even solar projects, there has been a backlash of local villages saying we don't want this.

They are noisy.

France grabbed headlines about another kind of energy which was shale drilling.

France is one of the only countries in the world where local populations have said no, they don't want shale drilling.

The government went as far as to pass a ban on fracking.

I think without some kind of real wish from the central government, renewable energy won't get off the ground in france.

Tyra patel joining us.

Francine come over to you.

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