How the FBI Will Investigate U.S. Capitol Shooting

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Former FBI agent Kevin Knierim comments on how the FBI is responding to the U.S. Capitol shooting. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


You work for the fbi for 15 years.

Tell us what is happening now that the suspect is in custody.

I'm sure they are trying to assess from all single -- from all different angles what happens as they do in these types of cases and hold the right people accountable.

Kevin, based on your experience, 15 years in the fbi, what are the components of that investigation?

Many people do they assign?

How many different tasks are they pursuing simultaneously?

Take us behind the scenes if you would please.

I'm sure the fbi office is completely involved.

This is a very dynamic city in the context of the local police, in the context of the capitol police and i'm sure they will have as many resources as they need.

Is there anything we can read into this at this point in time?

Obviously we are going through a very delicate political situation at this point in time.

Is this perhaps a motive or could it be a motive for this loan shooter?

I think it is to early to tell.

That will certainly be in the back of everyone's mind as they try to sift through what they actually know and the evidence they can figure out.

How do they go through trying to do that, peter?

I imagine it is difficult trying to question someone after something has happened.

Based on your experience, how does that happen?

Well, they are going to look for other close by witnesses.

In the context of the actual shooter, they are very cognizant of that and there will be a police officer, an agent along with the shooter, if that is what happened, to see when the time is appropriate to talk to them.

There is physical evidence from somebody like that.

I'm guessing they would try to check their hands, other sorts of things.

There are -- these are very experienced law enforcement people.

If you think about this, this

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