The Evolution of Small Business Accounting

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Acclivity Co-Founder Scott Davisson discusses accounting management and the company's point-of-sale software for the Apple computers with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

First thing to know, a small business has to have a mac.

This is the point-of-sale software for single store retailers.

These are all of the florists and the small shops that need help.

Anytime you can admit admit by going into a customer.

What gave you the idea to start this company?

What the company has an origin and a different flagship product which is the kind of software you were you have 75,000 customers.

As part of developing a business, for over a decade, servicing what is surprisingly and underserved market.

You would think with apple' is that people would be flocking to it, but there are not as many small business solutions for small businesses.

That is where we jumped in.

What does it mean to companies such as mastercard and visa?

I know they have charged the business is quite a bit of money and amex is famous for overcharging and a lot of small businesses cannot afford the fees.

This is a big part of our business.

Once we have a relationship with our customer, it is important , we don't have the leverage or the square scale.

We look at this as an ally, the company square.

They have introduced flat fee, no frills monthly fees going away.

That is what we are able to offer because of square.

As it turns out for many people, that has paid off, as far as being present in 100 countries from a was at a challenge for you, because you're so local and focused on smaller businesses, was it hard to grow your business that way?

It is because of the internet.

If we had to go out and get relationships, it would be impossible.

We have streamlined the distribution because of the intellect.

This would be to localize the product a little bit better, they might have to make a sacrifice you're in there because they don't necessarily respect the compliance laws of mexico, maybe.

As a cofounder, what has been the biggest surprise?

The challenge of any tech business.

We are a little bit more resource limited than other businesses.

We probably have faced some similar challenges.

We have to make the right product and technology decisions.

How much does design fit into that?

You set out to align yourself with apple, that probably means something to you.

That is a guiding principle to check out specifically.

We have been recognized by apple.

We have really set that in the sale market.

The time to implement it has been weeks and months.

You can use it and sell your wares in your store.

What is the future?

Do you have certain metrics that you want to hit?

Whether it is stores you are servicing?

What your goal?

We want to make sure we are making the right decisions as mobile payments.

All of this stuff is important.

Do you think that we will eventually be paying for things with our smartphones?

I think that will happen, the question is, how long it will take.

Thank you for coming in.

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