The Keanu Curve: Cyclical, Adjusting for Inflation

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Kyle Stock reports on the latest movie release starring Keanu Reeves and whether or not he is the box office draw that he was in the “Matrix” movies. He speaks to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cost nearly $200 million to make.

So far, it it has grossed under $20 million worldwide.

Can keanu reeves recover?

Why is this a big deal?

Because he was once a big draw and now has one bad movie?

It is a big movie, big- budget, big action, big release.

It was delayed.

It was expensive.

Why do they call it 47 ronin?

It does not tell you anything about the movie.

It is based on an older japanese tale from the 18th century that has been retold many times.

The biggest criticism is not keanu reeves.

It is that it is too solemn, too long.

It is not enough fun.

It is not crazy enough.

It is not action-packed like "the matrix." or like "point break," with patrick swayze and a lot of guns.

What is the keanu reeves curve?

We charted his big movies over the years and adjusted them for inflation.

If he was a stock, he would be an eight-year cycle.

He is a cyclical thing.

Every eight years, he has big movies.

Then, he has a couple flops and comes back.

"a walk in the clouds" leads into what, a big blockbuster?

"the matrix" was really, really huge.

We expect the current movie to make about an eigth of the second movie, which was his best box office.

This does not sound like he is dead at the box office, by any means.

He is fine.

He has a couple of big projects coming up, science-fiction romance with "-- a science- fiction romance with rachel mcadams.

Does this mean universal might not want to work with him?

Maybe it is just this one project.

They were plagued with problems from the start, a bunch of delays.

He took a write-down on it before the movie even came out.

Is this a movie he specifically wanted made?

Maybe this was the kind of thing where you let the star do what he wants.

He picks his project carefully.

The story was that the directing team -- he liked what he saw.

He saw the chance to be part of a big spectacle again in a cool movie with martial arts.

Are there plans you know of for him to do another matrix movie?

There is talk of another "bill and ted." this would be the third.

It is his breakout film and did really well.

You talk about a third in a series.

Is it all about trilogies?

Is it all about sequels in hollywood?

Hollywood loves sequels in general.

It gets easier to be green lit.

What about keanu reeves himself?

Does he pick a movie every now and then to do, or is he not as prolific as other actors?

He is getting into directing.

He did another martial arts film.

He is a low-key guy.

I have never met him.

I would imagine he is not

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