The Culinary Trends of Summer 2013

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Food & Wine Magazine Editor-In-Chief Dana Cowin tells Pimm Fox that understanding the culinary shopping culture is the key to success in the kitchen. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

I do not know how to make summer vegetable cervice, but my next guest does.

They're so rating their 35th anniversary this year and joining me now.

This does not know that i will be challenged because there is a lot of stuff to make.

You can make the ceviche.

You can shop and buy some peaches and celery and vegetables and chop them up and toss them in the type of dressing you would have for ceviche.

Tell me about this idea of buying local ingredients.

We were talking before the segment, if you look at the list of the top chefs of 2013 , they are all over the united states but there is a new kind of regionalism going on.

What is so exciting right now is you can get extraordinary food in houston, memphis, in places where they were a restaurant desert.

Not necessarily a food desert.

What they show you, the winners in houston, -- the chef at underbelly takes different influences and he wants to reflect back his exact place.

Local food is not just like the asparagus was grown down the road but who is coming to my community and change the way i cook in the way i feel and the way that ie?

That is an exciting part of local.

When you think of local you might think about the vegetable stand but you should think about more than that.

Who else is living around you and how does it influence your food?

The other was west bridge in boston.

You have these influences you never would have thought of before.

He is a great example.

Or if you go to -- this is a different kind of regionalism.

You go to memphis and there are these two boys there.

They are doing italian food but it is from the south.

You merge their -- where they are from but you have all these other things because that is what is grown right there.

Everyone should try to do that.

And look to the market, what is right there.

Tell me about the influence of hate -- cajun when it comes to lemonade.

Only for you.

We did pimm's cup, and that has some tabasco and simple syrup and lemonade and seven up and you put that together with some vodka and you have a spicy, delicious drink.

We could try that later on.

Also in 2014 you have a book coming out.

This is -- do you make mistakes in the kitchen?

I make all the time.

I have made them from the beginning of time because i am am not a trained cook.

Every time i cook my do something wrong.

It surprises even me, i have to admit.

I went to make the enemies can melt chicken and the directions were so specific, i knew that could not not make a mistake.

And just as the terror mail -- caramel was glistening, it seized up and it looked ike a brown frog.

It does not sound good.

It made it difficult to continue.

I know it was -- mastering your mistakes in the kitchen.

You had some help.

I am getting experts to tell me what i did wrong.

How do you make sure that you never have a frog in your caramel?

That is what i wanted.

Experts would say what you did wrong as you stirred the caramel and you should never do that.

That is what i learned.

I cannot let you go without a discussion of technology.

What kind of reception have you gotten from the audience because i notice that you have 166,000 followers on twitter.

I love twitter.

I love telling people where i am eating and i love telling them what i am drinking.

Every once in a while i make a mistake like what i earned toast and i had to -- burned toast and i had to throw it in the snow.

Rexwhat was great is the tomatoe and peaches and lobster was in large chunks and dressed in basil seasoning and cheese.

I want to thank you very much.

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