The Crackdown on Counterfeit Drugs

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April 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Olivia Sterns discusses the $75 billion black market for fake drugs. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Although maybe i should be.

I am concerned.

I am interested in one thing in particular -- generics or brand name?

Which is likely to be fake?

Brand-name medicines that are on patent protection, things he might be embarrassed to get a prescription for, like viagra, are more likely to be counterfeit.

Hair loss medication is another one.

As i was reporting this out, when i came across is the threat of substantive generics which are actually in the legitimate supply chain.

You may get one of these.

That is a concern the fda has about a particular drug.

If you go back to the 1980's, most of the medications or ingredients from drugs in the united states were either made in the u.s. or in europe.

Today, 80% of the ingredients and 40% of the finished products come from overseas, mostly from india and china.

What that means is that even u.s.-manufactured generics and brand-name products have to secure their supply chains in locations where the regulators are not up to the job.

The chinese and indian regulators are underfunded and do not have a broad enough level of competence to oversee their vast markets of hundreds, even thousands, of producers.

That is frightening.

80% of actual supplies in the generic medications, whether or not they are manufactured abroad or in the u.s., they are coming from suppliers abroad.

The one you mentioned, recently the fda discovered it in a plant in india which was infected with flies and they cannot close windows.

These are plants that supply u.s. manufacturers.

What is the take away?

I am scared and concerned, now what?

The takeaway is to try to find out where your generic drugs are coming from.

We need this to be a bigger political priority for washington because the fda cannot be a global police officer.

I am pretty sure i asked the person who i am picking up my prescription from where the drugs are produced, i do nothing they will have the answer.

They know where the suppliers of these drugs are from.

They are not always necessarily labeled, the country of origin.

A lot of critics are calling for that label.

So interesting.

The poll -- the point is that this is not simply an issue of big pharma trying to protect itself.

Big pharma are trying to protect these valuable patented drugs like viagra.

And 85% of our drugs are generics, so there are lives in mid-threats to that supply chain.

Seconds aqa -- do not be embarrassed if you are buying viagra.

Olivia sterns.

A fascinating story on the black market for prescription medication.

It is approaching 56 past the

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