The Cost to `Pop the Question’ at Yankee Stadium

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April 3 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Single Best Chart,” Scarlet Fu looks at the cost to propose marriage at each Major League Baseball stadium. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” “Flash Boys” Author Michael Lewis and IEX President and CEO Brad Katsuyama also speak. (Source: Bloomberg)


The control room is telling me this is totally a lame discussion.

Let's go to baseball.

We have a single best chart on baseball because of michael lewis and brad katsuyama, and it is about how much it costs to put up every major league baseball stadium.

They have canvassed all of mlb to find out how much it costs if you want to pop the question -- adam johnson, i'm looking at you.

The new york yankees, despite the second highest payroll in the majors, it only costs $100 you get -- to get your message displayed on the scoreboard.

$85 for the oakland a's -- that is a bargain?

Not for the oakland a's. brad katsuyama, blue jays, right?

Proposals are not offered -- you cannot propose to your loved one on the scoreboard.

Very canadian.

There is a lot of theory there on the oakland a's, but they have not won, have that?

Has their fear been transferred to the red sox?

They have been in the playoffs the last couple of years and have dramatically outperformed a payroll.

The question is why.

The sort of thing in "moneyball," the specific inefficiencies described there, have gone away.

You cannot buy on-based percentage cheaply in baseball.

There is a hunt for more inefficiencies, and i feel they have found some little ones, they do some not so little ones.

More importantly, it is implementing the knowledge.

There is this gut check that happens with the general manager in baseball when he has got to do something that nobody who writes about baseball will understand, and local newspapers will be saying he is an idiot because he did it.

He may stop himself even though the numbers tell him to do it.

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