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Dec. 24 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Michael McKee, Scarlet Fu and Stephanie Ruhle look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Let's get to our agenda as we take look at some of the stories shaping the day.

You have a lot of economic data coming up.

Durable goods at 8:30 a.m. frames my agenda.

We have been spending more as consumers, particularly this time of year.

When the company start spending more?

All that cash on balance sheets, will they start investing?

Chicken and eight.

We -- they are waiting for consumers consumers waiting to get more money from companies.

An increase in durable goods orders after a better-than-expected retail sales report?

All the pent-up, --capex, what jason trennert from strategicas has been waiting for.

In the meantime, they are spending on buybacks and dividends.

Mike mckee, you are headed to the radio studio where we continue -- i will get the studio warmed up.

I will join you shortly.

Stephanie, what is on your agenda?

This is a near and dear to me , including my husband.

Tiger dog --a network that can lead to 22-year-old grad to a six-figure job on wall street.

Women don't have a shot at this connection.

Bloomberg spoke to three dozen fraternity members that tell us wall street alumni make sure the applications get to the top of the heap.

Frat guys get tutored on interviews and the best way to answer questions.

Frat alumni at wall street's biggest banks say they are often sent to campus recruiting trips.

I applaud the fact that there is a network, that they are reaching out to help one another.

I can only hope we can see the anna edwards why now so it is not just any guy -- q4 sororities, why not?

Unfortunately we are not seeing another woman interested in wall street.

There have been huge strides made and if you look at what wall street firms are doing, they are targeting schools like smith and vassar and seeing women who are freshmen and sophomores to educate them on the industry.

What men have in their corner, there are so many lacrosse dudes and frat guys in the business that reach out to guys that are younger -- there is an idea you have to see it to be it.

When you see guys 20 years older than you are in the business -- they help you.

We need to see more women in it and then the younger women want to be -- sigma pi - christmas, the big winner seems to be game consoles.

They are sold out in a lot of stores, even with the stores reporting not so great foot traffic.

Also proving difficult to find, if you have not gotten.

Xbox one -- both are fairly difficult to buy and they know it is all about the control of your living room.

David kirkpatrick, did you have a sense that these game consoles would be such a big hit is holiday season?

Each of these two game console sold more than 2 million in the first week.

Which is a record -- if either one had been 2 million, it would have set a record.

People still want to play sophisticated games that they cannot play on their mobile.

I know two people who want to play unsophisticated games on the console, my kids, but they ain't getting one.

Put a question of the day, what is your go to store for last-minute gifts and why?

Best buy, because they match online prices.

Cvs, just like scarlet.

Here we go -- did tom keene tweet in?

All six of my ex-wives like the vacuum cleaners on the site.

That's why they are your ex-wives.

"bloomberg surveillance" on radio continues.

David kirkpatrick, thank you for joining us this christmas eve.

Great to get your take.

A very festive david kirkpatrick

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