Iraq in Crisis: Can Kerry Accomplish Anything?

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June 23 (Bloomberg) -- Helima Croft, senior geopolitical strategist at Barclays, discusses the complicated politics surrounding Iraq and the questions which may prevent governments from stepping up to help the nation. She speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Finally starting to build up.

John kerry arrived at baghdad tomorrow -- this morning.

This is a rival change the trajectory of the rise of oil?

What can john kerry accomplish at this point?

If prime minister malik he steps down who will take his place, and will that somehow change the insurgency?

I don't think so.

We don't have an army capable of stemming this fight right now.

And potentially 300 advisors, is this going to be enough?

Why have the saudi's been so absent?

They have a difficult choice, they don't like prime minister malik you.

They believe he has to cleared all-out war on sunni politicians and that he is tied to iran.

They don't like isis either.

Saudi arabia is a difficult place, they want them gone but they don't want isis the flourish either.

I don't want you to give away state secrets but what is the quality of our intelligence?

Do we really know what is going on there?

We have a very sizable u.s. embassy there.

I don't think this is the case of not knowing.

If you look at with the journalists have been writing, it is not as if we did not know what was happening with the rise of isis.

They took falluja and ramadi earlier -- but this was a tragedy foretold.

What would you suggest is the mission of john kerry?

They are trying to look for the political order but how do you get the man who actually won the election to step down.

He does have soldiers loyal to him.

That could be a new point of instability if he was pushed out of office.

He was elected by the iraqi people.

There is no government at this point and this could be a protracted process, but four years ago he actually did win the most seats and the parliament and the united states backed his return to power along with the iranians.

It is not an easy situation.

That is a problem with american diplomacy, it flip-flops.

When the facts on the ground change.

There is a deal in the energy sector for wisconsin energy -- buying enter grade -- $441.37, which is about a 37% premium to the last close.

This creates a midwest nacht -- natural gas utility company.

According to the press release, scale and resources.

-- when you hear a deal like this, the u.s. energy sector continues to move forward and is not held back by what is going on overseas.

I think the north american story is a crucial part of this.

The last time we had 3 million

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