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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Joe Luongo, chief operating officer at Massage Envy, discusses the company's massage and spa services with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

This whole operation, let's just start there.

It was not that stressful until you put me after a global mega rock band icon.

You can do it.

Tell us about this whole business.

960 locations, $1 billion worth of sale to this franchise.

Exit has been an amazing ride.

First of all we are celebrating our 12th anniversary today.

And you guys have is on for that's i do appreciate that.

Well viewers go we opened up our first massage envy spa in scottsdale, arizona.

We have opened up 100 locations a year and in 12 years she went from one to a billion-dollar brand.

Is it stressful, no.

It is an absolute blast.

Tell us the details of what it is like to open up one of these franchises.

We have a pretty set process where we are structured around the country with regional developers who look and vet out franchisees.

Once we find franchisees they go through a qualification process that ensures we bring on great people who are focused on leading the brand with solid leadership, focusing on business, have solid business acumen, and have cash and about what we do which is about making people's lives better.

We have a good success rate.

One of the things is by producing some kind of consistent regulation and licensing requirement throughout the country, there is a way to produce a consistent product, right?

You bet.


All of our therapists go through massage school and they have to go -- get a degree and licenses depending on what the state and local requirements are.

We do make sure that we have a consistent experience but we want to have a customized massage for our guests based on what their needs are.

What kinds of services do you find people asking for more often in addition to the massage question mark there must be areas of growth within the menu of services that are offered.

There are.

Like you mentioned earlier, 70 million massages to date but we offer spa services, specifically facials.

That is a growing category.

Not only can you get a customized facial, the -- you can come and get your facial and whatever product you need to to take care of yourself and your home.

What abotuout being an aircraft and [inaudible] very carefully.

There is no differences, it is about people and it is about team.

We make sure that we can execute the plan and execute it well.

When we take care of guests in pizza or in massage, we ensure that we get the best in class people and to be able to be part of a brand that is in its infancy stages yet at $1 billion, we have not left the united states yet.

We have a huge opportunity globally as well.

It will -- to be part of that brand that is so successful is quite an honor, to be frank with you.

Wondering if you can tell us your connection with our dress -- arthritis and the arthritis pain foundation?

We do sponsor and work with the arthritis foundation in many different ways.

We do walks across the company -- country and we have what is called healing hands.

We donate $10 for every massage that we do to the arthritis foundation and we raised over $2 million since 2011. i can tell you stories that go on and on, we have 50 million people across the country who have arthritis.

300,000 kids have got arthritis.

We went to a charity event a week ago and we had a child talk to us about his struggles and how he feels it is a challenge because he is ridiculed about it.

And when i realized what we are able to do to help those kids with being able to toss a baseball, walk in it breaks your heart when you hear the stories but it makes you feel so good when you're able to do something about it.

We sponsored camp for him and many children who have -- you get to go away for a weekend many oaks who are challenged with what he has.

You will see he is thankful for being a part of the arthritis

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