The Coffee Business Started by 3 Guys From Brooklyn

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Grady Laird, David Sands and Kyle Buckley, co-founders of Grady's Cold Brew, discuss how the company was founded with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

You had good day jobs then you decided to shift gears.

What was the hot moment -- the aha moment?

The moment that made me realize that it was time to quit.

The moment i kind of knew we had to quit was when i was spending more time peddling coffee up and down the elevator banks and i was not doing as much with my actual paid job.

You had a day job and you were doing what's on the side?

I was working at print production at gq magazine and i was making coffee for my coworkers and we realized they were not just pitying us, but they were addicted to the coffee.

Word started spreading that there was this guy at gq selling ice coffee on the side.

I would bring 12 bottles every day.

Bees were the kind of taste makers -- these are the kind of taste makers.

David, you worked for some well-known rands.

What was it about this brand the got you interested?

I was working at xerox at the time.

A great job, but maybe not the best party job when you're a 20 six rd guy living in brooklyn.

-- when you are a 26-year-old guy living in brooklyn.

He told me about this and it seems like a good idea.

It seemed like it had some legs.

Once he got the bottle designs, we have the branding and we have the taste.

I feel like we have something we can sell.

I was doing sales at the time, i am out and about.

I started going to work in the morning and i would wear a suit in the morning and go back to my apartment and do some virtual work, go to some mom-and-pop shops.

Put my suit back on and go back to xerox.

We found out the same day that we got into a whole foods that we were going -- they were building a grady's coffee shop at 30 rock.

Kyle, how about you customer dave was hitting on my girlfriend.

I met him at a barbecue.

I just got out of business school and i was looking for something tangible to get behind.

What is different about this coffee?

Mostly iced coffee?

It is great hot, too.

It is a cold brewed process.

I just go to dunkin' donuts.

It is always at the ready.

It is stored in your refrigerator.

You can pour yourself.

It is new orleans style.

Zero sugar added and no sugar substitutes.

Healthy but it has caffeine?

It does have caffeine.

You mentioned whole foods.

It is a big deal.

Ask whole foods has been awesome -- whole foods market been awesome to work with.

But i have worked with whole foods a lot and they will sometimes help you with financing.

We have not gone down that road with whole foods yet.

We are trying to create a category so it is a brand-new product and we are trying to change consumer habits.

Stop going to a coffee shop, just do it at home.

Imagine if you always had this coffee at home.

We are trying to make this a staple.

You buy your milk and orange juice and you buy your coffee.

They have been a good partner for us.

You are working on national distribution with them.

We are mostly in the northeast, but that is the beauty of these cans.

It has a year shelflife and does not require refrigeration.

The bottles are great, but they do have limits.

We can sell these online, laces that were interested -- places that might not have refrigeration.

It will open up a lot more markets for us.

Including overseas because we get e-mails constantly.

It would sit on a freightliner.

We are looking to do that with the cans.

With the bottle, we are proud about having something fresh.

Getting it further, we will start with the cans and grow.

This costs -- this can will retail for $11.99. it will make you 10 cups of iced coffee.

Less than half of what you are paying at a coffee shop.

When you open this can, there is going to be the ease.

-- these.

This is a tea bag is filled with our coffee.

The problem with cold brew -- you need some equipment.

You take a picture or any kind of vessel and you drop it in there and let it soak overnight.

When you wake up, you will have the coffee.

We are beating the market in a lot of ways.

You guys have to answer me.

Do you want to go public?




why question mark we have a good thing going.

-- why?

We have a good thing going.

I will definitely check it out.

It is grady's cold brew.

We will take a break.

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