The Clippers Next Chapter: Dick Parsons

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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Former Citigroup Chairman Richard Parsons was named interim CEO of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers, whose owner has been banned from the league for making racist comments. Scott Soshnick recaps his conversation with Parsons on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Sterling was banned from the league after racist comments.

First, let's listen to what parson had to say.

I was taken aback by the explosiveness.

This went off like flash paper.

What it does is it demonstrated to me and to many others around the country just how sensitive and fragile this issue remains.

Not only am i personally disturbed by the comments reported, i can see how one why they were so hurtful for so many people and how they were a scab off of something that hasn't fully healed over.

You spoke with vic parsons.

But it yet to tell you?

He just doesn't know what to expect yet.

There is no blueprint.

You can't call somebody and say what was a like when you took over that team after the owner made racist comments and players almost refuse to play?

That has never happened before.

He will arrive this weekend.

They will be playing the thunder tonight.

His job is to study -- study the franchise.

He is the guy the players can go to if they have questions or concerns.

Now there is somebody, a figurehead leading the franchise who is not the sterling or nba back end voice -- that can voice the concerns.

What is the relationship between parsons and adam silver of the nba?

He doesn't really know adam.

They are acquaintances.

When adam thought he would be the guy to steady the franchise, he told me he was looking to go back to work.

Parsons played -- he find it may -- he joked that he finally made it to the nba.

He is looking forward to it

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