The Challenges of Social Media Advertising

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Carroll, president & CEO at TBWA\\Worldwide, discusses the value of advertising on social media and the challenges companies face in controlling their message. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Your advertising industry can make twitter shine?

Our ads really going to work at twitter?

I don't know yet, but if you take a look at the predecessors -- google, facebook -- the same conversation was there.

What is the business model, and how are they going to make money?

Eventually, they will.

They are there now.

Right now people use them for customer service, to push announcements out, and how that model works out, it has not been written yet, but i am pretty confident they will make it.

But if you have a big client, do gatorade and -- how do you -- what do you tell them?

Whenever you can talk to your consumer face to face, react to them, where twitter really works for people right now, people are complaining and they can let them complain, and finally they can answer them.

It is a powerful and positive way him and airlines are doing that -- it is a powerful and positive way to do that.

Social media can take your brand conversation away with you if you don't know how to control it.

How many employees are you have?

12,000. they will -- they take over digital space.

What do you ask them about the twitter, facebook digital space?

Everything, to be honest with you, because they talk about it in ways that -- we don't. exactly.

In the old days you knew who the creative people were and who the clients were.

Now i have no idea because they all just the same, they all talk the same.

The industry has become so much more dynamic because there is a youth part of it that was not in the past.

They are front and center now and have much more of a leadership role.

That is the gap.

Unlike the quill, like this.

On this idea of twitter going public and the war for the exchanges, ali baba was also another prize for these exchanges.

What is interesting here is that ali baba is leading -- is leaning toward a listing in new york.

The stock exchange once a dual class structure -- ali baba wants a dual class structure.

That would be another big victory for the nyse.

12,000 employees -- who is

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