The Challenges of Running a Turks and Caicos Resort

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Grace Bay Resorts CEO Mark Durliat discusses the business behind a Caribbean vacation. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

I want to thank you very much.

Looking or were to seeing you in the end zone.

Miami dolphins, this weekend.

Talking about vacation and where to relax, we have the chief executive of grace they resort.

According to martha grace, this is gone from a boutique hotel back in 1993 to a luxury resort now that is approximately one quarter million dollars.

You heard stevie johnson, he may be interested in the each condom life -- beach life.

You're not ask for sure what you're going to do.

I found myself living abroad.

I was in south africa.

I generated this relationship with gary at the time.

We are going to these golf- driven communities.

I was trying to segue that into something in the luxury sector are.

I found myself back in the united states and seeking a way to take a concept that i had in my mind.

What is the biggest challenge of running an operation like this?

For many years, it was all about consistency.

We had to get the level of our service very consistent.

Over time, we were able to do that but we had to get deep into the culture.

We got to the point where now we feel confident in the consistency of our service.

Our staff who creates that in the end.

Direct air connections.

Is that key to success?

In the early days, we were raising money to buy at resorts.

It was critical to feel that had potential for legs and growth -- for growth.

We have flights in from atlanta, charlotte, toronto.

We have flights coming in from dallas from time to time.

These are all new flights.

It was very slim pickings.

We sought the momentum there.

Paint the perfect day.

We had this world-class restaurant smack on the beach.

You have a wonderful view see you can sit there.

That will last you tell about

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