The Challenges Facing Microsoft's New CEO

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) –- As Microsoft searches for a new CEO, Bloomberg's Sam Grobart takes a look at some of the things that need fixing on Bloomberg Television's "First Up with Susan Li." (Source: Bloomberg)

They unanimously approved the deal which was worth $10.4 billion.

A gift amgen a bigger line of cancer drugs.

-- it gives amgen a bigger line of cancer drugs.

Microsoft is on the look for a new ceo.

Microsoft faces a slump.

Sam looks at the challenges ahead.

Cracks you want a new ceo of microsoft?

Do you?

A new ceo of microsoft.

Whoever it is, they will not have to ask a lot of questions about what needs fixing.

The answers are pretty crystal freaking clear.


Windows phones is kind of growing sort of.

It is doing well a markets like latin america.

In the u.s. sales remain incredibly sluggish.

The software is not the problem nor the hardware.

The problem is that app developers are treating it like a stepchild.

How do you solve the chicken and egg problem of having tiny market share because you do not have enough apps and not having enough apps because you have tiny market share?


When was the last time you saw somebody using a microsoft surface tablet?

Me neither.

Surface was supposed to be this perfect marriage of hardware and software.

Then it came in two different versions.

One could not run regular windows applications but the other one was really expensive and power-hungry and heavy.

In the meantime, sales of tablet have been going like hot cakes here at -- like hot cakes.


That fortress of auditability is under siege.

After releasing windows eight last year, sales have been slow.

Many people freaked out at the new interface and decided to stick with more traditional versions.

In the meantime, pc sales are seeking.

-- sinking because people are using smart phones and tablets a lot more.

All they have to do is build the smartphones with an app, wait a minute.

Good luck future ceo.

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