The Challenge of Finding the Right CEO for the Job

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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Wright, former vice chairman at General Electric, evaluates the major openings for CEOs at some of the nation’s top companies on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Which is one of the reasons alan probably wouldn't have gone.

Paul allen is always nearby.

Paul allen, bill gates, steve ballmer.

All those guys are nearby meddling.

Is extremely intimidating.

They would have to attract big-name person.

I don't know if that is what they really need.

They could get somebody from oracle, microsoft, happened is another -- half a dozen others.

They could get read hastings.

He is on the board.

If you're going to pick somebody like the president of ford, you will have to guarantee that he has got some independence.

I think that is a very hard thing for bill or steve to do.

That is what you are seeing and that is why it is taking so long.

What about jcpenney?

Somebody from apple kind of ruined the company for a while.

But the interim ceo -- he is very good, and experienced merchandiser.

This is not about tricky merchandising, it is about basic merchandising an.

They have a sears kind of a situation where they have a meltdown and there was a lot going on besides merchandising and maybe other people on the border handling that.

You don't find many executives, retail merchandising executives, who are also experts in real estate, selling, and leveraging.

They have to get through this period and could go to nordstrom , neiman marcus, kohl's. they've got to semper fi.

-- simplify.

Kohl's has prices closer to jcpenney.

What about executives in the media business?

The head of dow jones resigned.

I want to make mention that bloomberg competes with dow jones and financial news.

-- in financial news.

What are the skill sets that you need in order to run a company like this now?

I think you guys need to do some homework and find out why he resigned.

I think he resigned because he was trying to have the dow jones product compete against the bloomberg terminal, and obviously, i have a bias from but he did not do well with that and had to step down.

Rupert is very hands-on.

You can't succeed if you are not simpatico with him.

That is what you said about microsoft or it is difficult of the live shows of someone who built the company.

-- difficult to fill the shoes of someone who built the company.

He is still running it.

They have done a tremendous job with "the wall street tunnel journal." we're all fans.

I don't know what the

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