The Canadian Carney vs. the U.K. Carney

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June 19 (Bloomberg) –- RBC Global Asset Management Chief Economist Eric Lascelles discusses Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, comparing his policies and decisions in Canada with the ones made in the U.K. with Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Compare and contrast the canadian version of carney and his british reincarnation.

Give us your thoughts on how he is doing.

We can see the smartest man in the room.

I think that argument is correct.

The u.k. has done well to have him.

It is interesting some of the parallels that do exist.

There are are other factors.

He has impeccable timing making a shift to the u.k. is that a euphemism for being lucky?

Certainly a little bit lucky.

The u.k. has taken off just before he arrived.

He finds himself grappling with broadly the same issues.

Initial guidance used as a tool.

More quantitative easing wasn't appropriate in either country.

Look back at canada's version as well.

There's a parallel there.

And there is a canadian example there.

There is.

Canada under carney did not do a lot about housing.

That is not entirely fair and the housing regulation film much less under the purview of the bank of canada.

That's we could see carney in gauging in some actions to -- certainly we should not expect rate hikes to come because of the housing market.

When will the rate hike come?

It has got a lot of people reaching to change their forecast.

That is right.

There are comments from mustard versus the minutes they came out yesterday.

In the end, the market is probably about right.

I think the message that governor carney meant to pass along late last week and that ultimately was a bit clear is that there is too little volatility.

Let's get those scales little bit fatter.

The likelihood was too low.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Eric lascelles.

Coming up, will amazon's fire

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