Beer and Puppies: The Stars of Super Bowl Ad Buzz

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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "First Look," Bloomberg's Michael McKee highlights the photos illustrating headlines from around the world on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The part of it that was watchable.

If you are not in seattle this is what everybody is going to be talking about today.

The theme of warm and fuzzy.

The commercial that was watched the most, the budweiser commercial fees hearing -- commercial featuring a clydesdale horse and a puppy.

Tom is crying.

I liked the other budweiser where they go to the guy in the bar and he gets in the limo.

He plays ping-pong with arnold.

Where is the actual bottle of budweiser in this commercial?

This is the story of a love between a puppy and the horse.

Look at how many 33 million youtube views there are of that -- how many views -- look at the 33 million views on youtube for that added.

-- for that ad/. another added, using bob dylan in a way people are wondering about here.

Did he sell out by doing a chrysler ad?

He said we are going to build your cars.

Get your watch from switzerland -- get your watch from switzerland and your cars from america.

Maybe you can answer this because you are the youngest one of the table, how relevant is bob dylan to young people nowadays?

People your generation have more money than people my generation, so they are probably buying the cars.

A maza roddy commercial -- a mazaradi commercial.

This is their lower price model.

This is the biggest form into the u.s. market.

Let's see the foreign exchange report.

I'm watching yen more than anything.

103, 102. a huge deal.

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