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Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Nutrisystem President & CEO Dawn Zier discusses the company’s new products and their outlook for 2014 with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Stock fall 10%. what do you think the reason was?

A rough day but a great year.

The stock is double what it was a year ago.

As we look forward were talking about the first year of revenue growth in five years.

We are pleased about where were going.

I think there was confusion about shifting in quarters due to the promotion we are doing.

We need to explain that differently to investors so they fully understand it.

Some difference versus consensus, we were in line for most of our analysts and there was an outlier that actually skewed it.

We are pleased with our growth projections, two quarters of revenue growth, full-year revenue growth.

Let's talk about the plan, and about what you're trying to do with the company and where you are in the company's growth plan.

We are still in the early innings of a torrent.

The exciting thing about what we're doing is were bringing in more new customers for the first time quarter over quarter, year over year in many years.

It's a renaissance showing the resilience of the brand.

We expanded into retail and we're still in our infancy there.

We are in walmart, but we are conducting a test in target in april.

Our consumer channel which delivers the weight-loss food program home to the doors of the consumers has a lot of runway in it.

Maintenance and transition programs, new diet windows.

We're very excited.

There's no debt in the company.

Would that be something you would ever revisit and say, money is less expensive than it might be in the future?

Maybe i will borrow some money now because i will want to expand to more customers?

We are always looking at different opportunities that present themselves.

Let's talk about the menu.

What has changed?

There are 150 different food varieties.

One of the exciting things we have done is launched a fast five kit which allows customers to lose five pounds in their first week.

Why is that so important?

It gives you the momentum.

Studies show if you are successful in that first week of weight loss you will be more successful over the long term.

You continuously lose one to two pounds a week, which is long-term safe.

We introduced new energizing shakes, a lot of new things in our program in addition to different food groups.

Men's favorite food is lasagna and women savor it is fudge bars.

What is the favorite food of female customers?

Fudge graham bars.

We love chocolate.

And men?

They like lasagna.

Any breakdown in terms of geographical areas of the country?

We have a lot of different scenarios.

Personally, i like the ice cream sandwich.

There was a report talking about obesity rates in children.

Talk about nutrisystem's and its focus on health and wellness.

The news on children was good news for the country.

But the adults are still having a huge problem, with 66% of the adult population being overweight or obese.

It's good there are solutions out there to help on this journey.

It impacts people financially, emotionally and physically.

Thank you for joining me.

Dawn zier of nutrisystem's.

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