The Business of Live Streaming NFL Games

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Porter Bibb, managing partner at Mediatech Capital, examines the prospect of the NFL streaming live games on the internet and their ability to monetize content on top of their TV contracts. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Debt the nfl is at monetizing and expanding the -- we aren't it's already exclusive partnership.

Not only adapt but immensely profitable.

Six out of the top 10 cable programs last week were nfl games, way ahead of the american and national league play up tension ships with -- way ahead of the american and national league playoff championships which were great games.

Will people actually start watching football and mobile?

The nfl is arty exploring a netflix type services streaming games to mobile.

I wouldn't be surprised if espn doesn't come up with something similar, because sports is driving all of video right now.

Is it the league's ultimate goal to get everyone to sign up for these mobile apps and drop cable operators completely?

Not going to drop them anytime soon because they are what a long-term contracts and with hundreds of millions, but when those contracts expire, the shift will go mobile.

Critical important here, you are the hipster, your out on hipster, are people like you and me going to ship over to watching football games on an internet stream?

Let's start with the 80 year -- 80 or hundred -- 80,000 100,000 person stadium.

You can get all the statistics and compare that run -- of they're going to cannibalize their audience from tv viewers?

Not cannibalizing, but giving them a richer experience and tying them much closer to the content.

Compare and contrast verizon, which is a big fee, versus the end hlr what baseball do, which essentially everybody gets, right?

It is just a superior practice.

It depends on the fan.

If you go to 30-year-olds and under, they're not watching television, they are all on mobile.

If you go older, it is the committed sports fan who's going to want a richer experience.

He wants more content, more statistics.

Who is the loser are the commentators sitting there because the don't have anything left to say.

Talk about advertising rights.

During no anything about how much -- this is a big issue because mobile is really still a hurdle for advertisers.

Mobile for advertising is intrusive.

You don't have time, you don't want it to interfere with the mobile experience.

Advertisers have to work on that and solved.

Native advertising tells the story will give some kind of content information, that is going to be the way that they get it.

As a morning moves on, i have to ask the question.

Twitter ipo, where are you on that?

You just saw that they close down the music service.

How much can he do in advertising in 140 characters?

I get except about this i saw an ad the other day and it was really intrusive.

That is the problem.

They're going to have to come advertisers are going to come up with new creativity and make it a story or a product with content that you want to porter pouring cold water on twitter optimism.

Thank you also to neil dutta for joining us on this tuesday job state.

Foreign exchange reports round of the hour.

We have to check out what the dollar is doing right now.

Not a lot of movement.

I would be watching the dollar versus the japanese yen because this one tends to track treasury yields as a good initial

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