The Business Behind the Glamour of `the Red Carpet’

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) –- People Magazine Publisher Karen Kovacs discusses why Hollywood’s “Red Carpet” season is so important to women. She speaks to Trish Regan and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Exclusive study about the red carpet.

How important it is of a brand.

On awards shows and red carpets, we wanted to dive in and understand more.

Who is the red carpet enthusiast?

Why is she so fascinated by the red carpet?

We found interesting things.

It is the super bowl for women.

65% of all women are engaged and love the red carpet.

It is a huge marketing -- is this market this weekend, or the red carpet in general?

In general.

It is this fantasy, and unbelievably inspirational and social moment for all women.

We took a deeper dive into that.

Do you remember how old you were when you watched the red carpet?

I'm not sure they showed the red carpets.

The focus on the red carpet, it has gained a lot of prominence, but it did not have that even 20 years ago.

We asked people, and they said they were 16. that makes sense.

This is when she is establishing her style, who she is.

To us, the marketing implication, this is a millennial moment as well.

The millennials are coming into themselves and watching the red carpet and looking for cues.

The red carpet is a perfect stage.

Hair, makeup, clothes.

Beautiful, powerful, strong women.

A lot of takeaways for the millennial audience.

For us as people, the way we tell stories.

Everything has to be shareable and there has to be a focus on the best hair or best makeup in real time.

There is a value proposition here.

Every single one of those photographs has some branding behind it.

People, people in general, women in general love to look through your magazine and look at these pictures.

They see these celebrities on the bed carpet and behind them is some branding.

What is that worth to companies today?

It is enormous.

We have a bag with us today -- there are brands that are small and emerging, and brands that are established.

Any brand by participating in the gifts, have an opportunity to reach out and touch a celebrity.

A swag bag, the celebrities get them when they go to the award shows, go to the parties.

Because you have this aspirational culture, if a picture is taken and happens to land in "people" of the celebrity using the product, that is guerrilla marketing.


The research showed us the red carpet is a celebration, and aspiration.

It is not about the hair and makeup -- it is about consumers achieving that.

Sometimes it is just about seeing products they use in their everyday life.

They can take a piece of that home, a grand opportunity.

This is a big issue for you guys.

The oscars issue we put out next week is probably the biggest we have had in 10 years.

Typically the day of and the day after the oscars is one of our biggest moments of the year, digitally as well.

Any inside information on who might win best picture?

Keeping to the red carpet scene, lu[itapita, we all want to see what she is wearing.

She was on the cover.

She had the fabulous loop dress.

What is -- blue dress.

What is she wearing?

You are getting into the awards show yourself.

Talk to us about the people awards.

It is our 40th birthday this year.

A big year of celebration for us.

After we get through the oscars, we are planning the "people" magazine awards show.

It will be at the end of the summer.

We have always done the roundups of the best actresses, sexiest man alive.

This is a great opportunity for us to celebrate, to bring the whole thing to life.

You are seeing a real demand and interest in award shows right now.

It is a live television moment that lives online as well.

On twitter and in the social space.

It is an opportunity for you guys.

It absolutely is.

Bringing us back to sunday, the way we approach sunday, the day of the oscars, it is live feeds, twitter parties, creating the utilize moment -- huge live moment.

Thank you so much.

We look forward to reading.

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