Is This NSA-Proof Smartphone Really Unhackable?

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Silent Circle Co-Founder & CEO Mike Janke discusses the NSA surveillance issue and creating the “blackphone,” the world’s first privacy oriented smartphone with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Will disclose the issue?

Absolutely not.

I expect you will get a little bit more tr sugar.

It will probably be kicked over to the congress.

@one circle, we view this as a worldwide surveillance issue.

It's not necessarily in our view a u.s. issue.

It's happening all over the world.

Whether there is a little bit of sugar in the speech, i don't think that will have much of an impact effectively around the world.

Tell us what kind of features will be in the black phone.

It's the world's very first privacy-oriented high end smartphone, encrypted own calls, encrypted video, encrypt did contacts -- encrypted phone calls and contacts.

A customized version of the android that lets you do everything you want to do.

If you want to play angry birds, you can just in a more and protected environment.

Just like the iphone 5 for the galaxy and it's cheaper.

Mike janke menu called phil zimmerman in november 2011, did you think that you would be making now a black phone?

I don't think we did.

Not silent circle, we are the world secure communications provider -- at cisilent circle.

Talk about pretty good privacy and privacy for skype conversations.


The three founders, myself, phil zimmerman internet hall of fame creator of pgp and the creator of apple's whole disk encryption, we are a service that we never expected that we would grow this fast and be this popular around the world.

We always had the mind to do secure telephony but we could not trust any other phone makers out there.

Our self and a small innovative shop out of europe got together and created the first high and the privacy phone.

-- high end phone.

You also put together an e- mail system that was supposed to be private.

What did you do with it?

That's a great story.

We had an encrypted e-mail service in addition to the other services we have but we ended up with customers literarily and six months from 120 countries, governments room 11 countries, 26 of the fortune 50 so we knew we were sitting on literally a gold mine of data.

When the nsa revelations came out emma we could not hold it so we scorched the to the years.

All of their other products are peer to peer encrypted but e- mail is fundamentally broken so we made a conscious decision to put profits aside and we scorched earth.

Mike janke, how do you respond to people who look at privacy and the governments right to know and say the government is doing the right thing?

How do you respond?

I think privacy is a natural right of every law-abiding citizen around the world.

What happens when you have moore's law of technology, surveillance capability, there are 74 robust nsa-type agencies around the world.

What happens if the next administration has the sensibilities of a dictator instead of thomas jefferson?

They have omnipotent control surveillance mechanism that can control societies.

It's a worldwide conversation about how lentz, balance between industrial espionage, privacy rights, and the governments need to protect itself.

We are nowhere near that.

It is heavily weighted on the surveillance site and it needs to come down to give citizens some level of privacy.

Mike janke, can people already purchased the black phone device?

February 24 when we unveil it at the mobile world congress in barcelona.

I want to thank you very much, mike janke, chief

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