The 'Blackfish' Effect: Brands Move to Defense Mode

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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Landor Associates' Allen Adamson discusses the impact documentaries like "Blackfish" and "Fed Up" have had on SeaWorld and the sugar industry and explains what companies can do to overcome the negative publicity. He speaks with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)


You are the brand guy.

When you see something like this come out, seaworld says it had no effect on park attendance.

What do you think?

It has an effect over time.

The power of social media puts a magnifying glass on anything.

The videos with the whales are circulating.

Millenial's want to be associated with companies that do the right thing.

It is not just "blackfish." we have seen a slew of these movies.

What are the effects in general?

The consumer is much more empowered to have a conversation with a company they can never have before.

The company is to have high mpr and communication.

The consumer now has the same tools.

Now i can control the conversation.

It used to be the wizard of oz, where you pay no attention to what is happening behind the curtain.

Now, companies need to act in transparent ways.

We saw lawmakers are setting a proposed bands that would basically forced the company to close the imparts.

Seaworld was able to push that verdict back.

What is the backlash to the company?

They have to stay focused on the long-term objective and do the right thing.

They have to do the right thing in the long term.

Tell them what the plan is, communicate with prospects and customers.

Qwest could you not argue they should be doing that before something bad happens?

When there is a crisis and every company comes into the crisis, acting quickly, heading a plan, delivering on the plan, and communicating.

Does the advent of media and social media throw off any kind of company strategy they may have?


They see everything.

The power of video being shared on social media is an equalizer and magnifies the problems and the benefits.

I never saw it but i feel like i know what the movie is about.

You can show a clip.

The argument is the people who might get care, i do not go.

A growing percentage of them are caring.

A growing percentage of younger suit -- consumers want to associate themselves with brands that do the right thing.

That is a young kid thing.

Under 30. the market is growing.

You are seeing in the process food industry, the world sugar, as i saw it, i tend to not eat a lot of sugar.

Is that something other people are looking into as well?

That would be surprising news to most americans.

The saying, if it is just low-fat, it is good.

When the news gets out of what really constitutes good nutrition, it will change the game and force the food industry to react.

What is the point of any publicity is good publicity?

It used to be the case.

Usually what captures attention in social media are outrageous and shocking things.

Social media kind of change that conversation.

Social paradigms.

It used to be anything was good and you could issue a press release.

Now, the issue lingers and it is very hard to get away from it.

In your view, with company has been most stressful in fending off the result?

Most companies that have gone through it.

Facebook has done a good job of protecting privacy and moving on.

Most successful companies, if they do the right thing and a product is good, they can weather a storm.

And not just be defensive to your point.

It is not just, we will put it under investigation and look into it.

Actions speak louder than words.

We will see what happens at

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