The Billions Behind Fantasy Sports

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- CBS Interactive President Jim Lanzone discusses the business of fantasy sports with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Go back in time a little bit, before you became head of cbs interactive.

You have been a fantasy football fan for quite a while.

Give us some details.

That is true.

For probably 15, 16 years.

How did you come to join cbs and become the head of the interactive unit?

I joined about two and half years ago.

They acquired my startup, which is in the internet television search engine space.

Cbs interactive is the ninth largest internet company in the world, and has properties like, c-net, tv guide.

The part of cbs has the most active and engaged users of all those different sites.

How many active users do you have?

I noticed there were 280 million unique views.

It's about 280 million global users of all of our different properties.

We don't break out specifically what the fantasy part of sports is.

Fantasy is one of the big three, along with espn and yahoo.

We are the only ones who charge for the leagues, besides inge longest -- being the longest tenure, has the most premium.

There are 1000 different ways you can customize the league.

It has mobile products that get four stars in the mobile app stores.

People want to pay for this award-winning product.

Cbs is one the best fantasy game -- has won the best fantasy game.

They're going to be looking at their fantasy football potential draft.

What you think, adrian peterson, cj spiller, jamaal charles.

This is more fun than picking the next ceo of microsoft, right?

[laughter] i have my fantasy draft tomorrow.

I'm flying to southern california.

I'm not going to give away all my secrets.

I would broadly tell you that for the first time in years, you would be safe with any cincinnati bengal.

If you want any advice, go to

We have the best analysts in the industry.

We have cheat sheets, videos.

That's what i used to study.

And you can also win money, can't you?


There are different versions of the league.

You play for free against your friends.

Pride is the biggest factor for most players, including myself.

There are leaks you can join, you can pay money, and there are

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