The Billionaires With Shares in Holcim-Lafarge Deal

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April 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Rob LaFranco reports on the number of billionaires who own shares in Holcim/Lafarge which merged to form the world’s biggest cement firm. He speaks to Manus Cranny, Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The billionaires team.

There are a number of billionaires involved in these deals.

Set out the store for us.

They have done fairly well on this.

Normally we talk about billionaires intact and finance.

This is a boring cement business.

Each of them had about $1 billion on the day the deal was announced.

They are all close to 20% on the year.

There is a third billionaire who owns heidelberg cement, the third-largest cement dealer.

He is also about $1 billion this year.

They are getting swept up in this craze for cement.

Another interesting fact of this is that all three of these men have inherited their companies.

The second richest swiss man inherited it from his grandfather.

Merkel inherited it run his father.

There is another billionaire involved, bill gates who invested -- another billion-dollar deal.

At the time, so we race -- sawiris had said this was a jump for investors interested in egypt.

This was something else which came through clearly.

That deal they did back in 2008, a 10 billion euro deal, was almost a killer.

They did it just at the wrong time.

In terms of where we are as an industry, it is interesting that you mention bill gates.

This is a game changer from my source.

He thought megamergers in this space would be about five years out.

These guys have got to get to grips with capacity.

It is the most fascinating element, these billionaires that are driving the deal.

That is what my sources are saying.

Why bring it forward?

Why is it happening now?

It happened in autos, it happened in pharma.

We are seeing a turnaround in their fortunes.

This is maybe where there is going to be some pretty hard hurdles to get over in terms of regulation in the u.k., in brazil.

There are some big issues in terms of getting this deal done.

There are two brothers out of canada who own i believe 10% on the lafarge side.

Another interesting billionaire, the man from nigeria.

How expensive will this get?

His fortune declines by about $80 million.

I was curious as to why.

In two hours, we have made cement sexy.

Who knew there was so much money?

This is the message i am taking away from this discussion.

Basically there is a lot of money in cement.

The new thing is cement.

Kilns are sexy aren't they?

I don't think you are taking us down a sexy direction.

Minas, thank you very much.

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