What the Top Billionaires Are Watching for in 2014

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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Matthew G. Miller reports on the biggest billionaire stories for 2014 . He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Say blackstone.

The dow was up 25%, even without the economy going gangbusters.

Legionnaires also did well to themselves, getting a most $500 billion of wealth on paper.

-- billionaires also did well, getting almost $500 billion of wealth on paper.

A lot of billionaires are talking about can central banks continue to push equity markets?

The 300 richest people in the world are up $500 billion from last year.

Most of them believe the economy will grow somewhere between two percent and three percent.

Today as a group make money on one big bet -- do they as a group make money on one big that or do they have a diversified portfolio?

80% of his fortune is in cascade.

Most people are one big idea.

If you look at most billionaires, it is all one big bet on a closed sale asset.

How about some of the losers?

Lost a love money this year?

If you look at some of the commodities, a huge stakeholder in copper lost a lot of money.

Most of the people, it is almost 90% of the billionaires that actually gained this year.

What about fashion?

We have seen how the rich get richer and they bid up the prices of clothing and jacket.

That has created a lot of billionaires in 2013. it -- in 2013. will it continue in 2014? it is hard to say because people working in the fashion industry owner stakes -- own stakes in the larger companies.

It is hard to say there are many of them left.

James andrew miller with us, where is the creative market in billionaires?

If you look at entertainment, you look at espn.

Is beyonce a billionaire?

She is not even close.

Most entertainers make money off of touring and royalties.

To actually become a billionaire, to own stake in something is huge and beyonce is not there yet.

Who is the closest to be a billionaire?

Pen people like larry david.

Are they doing new stuff?

Larry david said he was going to go on welfare.

He could not get a sketch on the air on saturday night live and was thinking about going on welfare and that money his syndication checks was $460 million.

The bitterness is there.

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