The Big Business of London Fashion Week

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- London Fashion Week kicks off today. Bloomberg's Caroline Hyde gives you a preview of what's to come on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown." (Source: Bloomberg)

The industry is worth over 20 billion pounds to the uk economy.

It is a bit weak, isn't it?

It has quite a history, the london fashion week.

The money that they bring in is fairly substantial.

It is over 100 million pounds worth of orders expected to be placed during fashion week.

Clearly that is a really big boost.

That is a standout designers.

This is one of the most high profile fashion events.

One of the other three.

Malan, new york, and paris.

This is when all of the fashion world's are having pumping out the collections each and every year of.

You have buyers, tv, radio crews, journalists, that is the official schedule.

You have the presentations, you have salon shows.

It is the whole that get involved because you have pop- ups happening all over the place.

You have store openings.

They're also launching their own particular shop this week.

Magazine launches.

Vodafone, a key sponsor for london fashion week.

You also have american express.

Dhl, canon.

You also have mercedes-benz.

You have tech companies like samsung.

You even have coffee houses.

Everyone comes together.

How should it be rejuvenating itself?

Interesting because really what the london fashion week has done is the whole move into digital.

They claim that they were the first wants to go.

You have twitter, facebook.

You have fashion films.

They have their own british fashion canon cinemark.

You have the leaders.

You have the emotion relationship that women have with their shoes.

Did they interview you?

They did not, unfortunately.

I think one thing that is interesting is that natalie, she is shaking up the market.

She is the chairman of the british fashion council.

What she's trying to pioneer is amazing.

Positioning london to fashion , what silicon valley is to technology.

She has the google director of retail.

She is trying to rejuvenate the way that we're innovating.

Digital is huge.

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