How PayPal Beacon Is Re-Inventing In-Store Shopping

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Hill Ferguson, VP of global products at PayPal, discusses the company's new mobile payment features with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Use the mobile payment software.

Users can also make payments with bluetooth without a wifi connection.

Thanks for stopping by here today.

I get the big challenge with mobile payments, getting consumers to actually use them, rather than pulling out a credit card.

It is not that difficult.

What will encourage people to actually use the new app?

We allow you to do a lot of things you cannot do without the mobil added pp.

We have features that allow you to save offers from your favorite stores and let you know when they expire said he never missed a deal.

You can order your food and end and then skip the line and paychex.

-- pay the check.

It lets you experiment with the aids.

Side of it, not just the payment.

That i would do it for, not just the -- and it led to experiment with the payment side of it, not just -- the experience side of it, not just the check.

That i would do it, to avoid waiting to pay the check.

These will be in the stores.

A retailer will have this.

You do not even have to fiddle with your phone if you do not want to.

It automatically knows you are there.

You'll have given it permission when you shop.

If the marks of this ability to make a payment.

The "the new york times" commentary on this is that maybe the fifth time will be the charm.

What makes you think this time will be different?

There have been a lot of attempts on innovation on mobile.

It turns out that other mobile payments are not that much easier than swiping a card.

This is so much more easy and swiping a card or tapping your phone.

And it does not require a wifi connection.

We talk to others ad nauseam about this.

Of what makes this different from what google and square are doing?

Or better?

This is our greatest concert -- contribution to what we have been doing yet.

We will build out a whole network that lets developers access the front and back of a transaction.

How do you get retailers to use it?

We have millions of customers already today that use paypal.

It does not matter what type of software they use.

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