Losing Weight: The Benefits of Aluminum in Cars

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Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller and Pimm Fox report on the trends at the Detroit Auto Show and the benefits of aluminum in car design. They speak to Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

So far?

I don't think i like the title of guru.

That means you know what a car weighs.

This is a situation where the f1 50 which is ford's biggest seller.

It is trimming down because of aluminum.

Everybody talks about how their car weighs less.

The bmws are using carbon fiber in everything from their entry-level electric car up through the m-series.

Audi -- they have been using aluminum for over 20 years.

The f-150 is different from an audi.

It has to take a little more of a rugged hit because if you're going to have any kind of dent with an aluminum frame, what are you going to do?

Of that is the problem.

It should be stronger and more resistant to dance but if you get a dent in the middle of new mexico, the local mechanic has no idea how to fix that and it is expensive.

G.m. comes out and gets car and truck of the deal -- of the year.

It was a no-brainer.

If you look back at 2013 from any point in the future, it was all about the corvette.

They have their new core fat -- corvette out.

It was beautiful in yellow.

I spoke to peter brock, the creator of the design of the stingray.

Of split window which was only made for one year.

The truck of the year was the silverado last year.

It is basically the corvette of this year.

It is the most important unveiling and piece of news we are going to get at any auto show.

The lightning of the f-140. 50. at the chrysler 200 was unveiled today and it looked rate.

It looks like an alfa-romero.

I lust after them and especially the 4c. it will be a while until it comes your.

Not until 2015. i was telling you before we came on -- it is not the new cars that have me most excited, it is the cars i fell in love with in the past that have new features.

The shaker?

Isn't there a shaker on the challenger?

The shaker on the hood of the dodge challenger.

You can get the same ones from an old mustang.

We be putting red flames on the back of the car?


I will bring that back from me and you get the cross track.

I avenue tyler for you, --i have a new title for you -- auto nerd.

Enthusiasts would be better.

Are auto enthusiast/nerd

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