The Baseball Head Gear That Could Save Lives

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Aug. 8 (Bloomberg) -- 4Licensing CEO Bruce Foster explains how the company's isoBLOX baseball head gear works. He speaks with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Fosters -- head an chests is bruce fosters.

They make helmets and chest protector.

We have to understand what is going on in baseball.

You were saying that it seems there are more and more serious injuries.

What is happening?

If you look at it from september 2012 through today, seven pitchers in major league baseball have been struck in the head.

That is an alarming rate of incidents, especially in that most vulnerable area.

Why do you think this is happening?

Is tough to say.

Everybody is getting bigger, stronger, throwing faster.

It may be the evolution of the game.

You have a situation in which you have pitchers who are typically throwing pitches 100 miles per hour.

If the batter is looking to connect, nepal has the chance of hitting someone in the head.

What have you designed, what do you have that will help?

We designed an insert that will go inside of a major league baseball cap everett it is the same sauce cap you would normally see in baseball but are insert fits inside.

What is it made of?

Our technology is made of polymers and combined it with foam.

What has the reaction been from major league baseball?

Major league baseball, just like anything else, it is going to take time.

It is going to look different until it does not look for it anymore.

There will be some early adopters.

We have had alex torres, the san diego padres, adopt it.

Some in the minor league's have used it.

It becomes more of a glamour thing more than a safety thing and that is the issue right now.

What about children and little league?

What is going on there?

It is huge.

Right now, safety is and everyone's mind.

When you have your little boy out pitching, little girl 45 feet away and some was swinging an aluminum bat?

And i -- and-eye coordination is not there yet.

They are vulnerable.

Safety is in everyone's mind in all sports and we have developed a protective skullcap that you can use inside a cap, or on the outside of a cap that attacks a child.

What about the cost of these protective headgear?

Right now they are sold exclusively at dick's and it is $59.99. what about the adoption of individuals?

Will that drive the adoption by the league in this case?

When you look at major league baseball players, they are looked up to by the young kids.

I have to give alex torres a lot of credit.

He has been the first early adopter.

Even in all of his comments, he is said i am doing this not only for myself but for kids.

I think that as this starts to migrate down into younger children and this becomes a lifestyle change, i think that is when you start to see people, as they progress through the levels, high school, minor league, major league, it will take time.

I think everyone is starting to realize -- if you saw that shot last night and the other shots, it is horrific.

The first thought that comes to your head is, i hope this guy gets up.

Safety has to be paramount.

Mlb knows it and they have done a great job.

I think you will start to see people start to adopt it.

We have had 70 major league baseball pitchers order the custom caps and they are starting to work with them.

Alex torres is the first and i hope to see a couple of adopters over the next couple months.

What to the inserts way -- weigh?

What does it do to a balance?

The actual baseball cap weighs 4.6 ounces.

The cap insert ads 5.9 ounces to the weight of the cap.

Less than six ounces for protection at 90 miles per hour in the forehand reason -- four head region.

He does not have to hit you at that speed to do damage.

You can get hit it a low impact speed in the temple

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