The 5 Most Overlooked Tech Trends of 2013

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg) – Duke University Pratt School of Engineering Adjunct Professor Vivek Wadhwa discusses what trends he says we missed in 2013 with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We missed in 2013. let's start with number one, computing.

Number five, actually.

Computing has become smaller and cooler.

The ipad mini, about a year ago people were laughing at it.

Now it is a runaway success.

Also tablets, tablet numbers are trumping the pcs in the desktops.

My prediction is over the next few years, companies like dell, microsoft, acer, all of these companies are in serious trouble.

Here is another thing that is happening.

There is a $25 tablet is available in the united states now for $38. it will not be long, and within a euro or two, jeff bezos will not say, if people buy amazon prime, why not give a tablet away?

You will see a shift in the tablet industry with people losing -- using smaller computers.

This seems to me to be a trend every year.

Is this really something that has been overlooked?

Are people focusing on the wrong thing?

People do not understand how fast things are changing.

Who uses a desktop anymore?

People either use a tablet or a laptop.

Even tablets are looking for -- are getting smaller.

Macau pataca or the mini is.

My wife loves it.

-- look how popular the mini is.

My wife loves it.

You will have billions more people coming online.

Another billion people online, seven years another 3 billion people.

This changes the world.

It is happening faster than we can imagine.

Number four, electric cars are proving themselves.

Tesla has a lot of problems.

Issues with cars catching fire.

It was not an easy year.

The new york times trashing tesla for having its car run out of electricity.

Yet tesla defies the odds and the stock price continues to rise and now tesla is going into china.

When year ago we were talking about the end of electric cars.

Now you have people fearing the rise of electric technology.

I drive a tesla.

I am biased but i tell you i can't drive a regular car anymore.

It is like going from an ipod to a cassette player.

Soon we will all be talking about electric car and wonder how we drove the old internal combustion vehicles.

Electric cars are happening and are here to stay.

It will not be long before we start to grow exponential.

We will see if you are right.

Number three you say tech knowledge he revolutionizing health care.

Which has taken a long time.

Or is still some doubt about whether it is happening.

We are pessimistic but my iphone has a heart monitor on it.

I do ekgs all the time.

I have other health care apps.

When we need medical advice, we go online.

A few years ago we could not have imagined being able to second-guess our doctor.

Now we go online and start reading about other people.

We go on social media to share our pains.

We are downloading apps.

Many people have contests, they have their employees compete with each other.

This movement is becoming a part of our everyday lives.

A lot more is happening in health care then we can imagine and this will be transformative.

Apple, there was an article about apple packaging and ekg sensor for their iphone.

Imagine every morning your iphone tells you that, hey, you need to do more exercise.

Take some vitamin c tablets.

Imagine your smartphone becoming your advisor, your medical doctor.

This is where we are headed.

We do not seem to realize how it is creeping up on us.

It is going to be an exciting decade because we will start preventing disease, that is the magic that is happening.

Everybody is waiting for apple to come out with an iwatch but our phones are already doing a lot of these things.

What did you think apple is going to do?

Do they need an iwatch?

I do not think so because this device we have is good enough.

I can't imagine that display this big on my wrist and frankly i want a bigger display.

So i think the iwatch may or may not happen.

This thing is becoming more powerful.

This has a quad core processor, more computing process than all about the -- then all of the computers the day i was born.

Think about what i just said.

Imagine what we could do with it and the technology that can be dealt with it.

We will see those technologies over the next few years.

It is going to be transformative, starting with health.

Vivek wadhwa, stick around.

We will be back with you after the break.

We will be right back.

? welcome back.

I am emily chang.

I wanted to get to our special series, counting down the top overlooked trends in technology with director of research vivek wadhwa.

You said smaller computing was becoming cooler, electric cars, finally proving themselves, technology revolutionizing and reducing the cost of health care, number two, robotics.

Google bought a number of robotics companies this year.

But what are they going to do with them?

When we were young we used to watch "the jetsons." you are younger than i am.

We dreamed about rosie the robot.

All of these amazing advances.

The reason that did not happen is because the computing power to do sophisticated movements was too great.

As i said, my phone has more computing power than the supercomputers of not too long ago.

Now we can build a sophisticated robot.

Children are building robots.

High school kids are building robots.

In the next five or seven years you're going to see robots serving us.

Google is getting one leg up.

It is buying all of these technologies, and a self driving car.

This era we ginned about is about a decade away.

The trend is happening right now.

The fact google bought these companies shows its vision and it understands what the vision is.

This is a huge trend, which is starting now.

You think they're going to be used on the production line?

Also in the home.

I am waiting for rosie to start serving the key in the morning.

I expected will happen in the next decade or so.

That is not far off.

Number one, your number one top trend of 2013, spaces back.

The space race is back.


Emily, think about it.

India has launched a spaceship to go to mars.

China is planning on landing on the moon.

This was unimaginable, india and china going to mars and the moon.

These are the stories of 2013 we did not really report on.

You have urgent galactic doing private spaceflight.

Elon musk was able to send a rocket to be spaced patient.

You have moon xpress talking about mining on the moon.

You have planetary resources, talking about mining asteroids.

This all happened in 2013. we do not seem to realize the magnitude of it.

There is going to be a space race and a lot of amazing and are going to happen when we have india and china going into the heavens.

I can't let you go without asking about the top vivkeek

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