The Five Innovations That Will Change Your Life

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Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) –- IBM Chief Innovation Officer Bernie Meyerson discusses what IBM is working on that will change your life in the next 5 years with Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.“ (Source: Bloomberg)

Shown that there will be a bit of a rotation in education to be more tailor-made.

Is that a good way to describe it?

If you think about the challenge of a typical and structure faces, this is 35 kids you are of never faced before.

How will it show you the strengths and weaknesses of every child?

The classroom learns the child so that over the course of your education it actually says, ok, from day one this kid struggles with this kind of mathematics but has extraordinary reading skills we should be.

Every year when the kid walks into the room the teacher is perfectly prepared to deal with your strengths and we this is.

Are there more, as they learned they can address any issues that crop up.

How would it change in the middle of the year?

Most know what to expect.

They get a folder from the previous year's teacher.

How would you adapt in the middle of the year?

What happens is continuously fed back.

You work from electronic media.

You are presenting materials on one side and you work electronically on the other and you literally in real time can see they are struggling with a concept so you walk to their desk and say, i see you are having difficulty.

Here's the solution.

As opposed to trying to figure out where there are struggling and that assumes they asked.

How does this measure things that are not sort of able to be calibrated in written form?

Social skills, verbal skills, that sort of hang?

It will not be all encompassing.

It cannot be.

In terms of simply interacting with facts and the ability to read, translate, and act upon them, you can learn there is a mild case of dyslexia simply by realizing the kind of disconnect that are occurring.

The teacher is overloaded.

They have large classes and it's a struggle.

You want to give them the tools.

You don't replace them anyway.

You enhance their effectiveness.

I want to move on to the retail world.

This is perhaps surprising.

Buying local will be it online.


You want to buy a camera.

I come from everything you would plug in here to an slr.

It you want the tactile experience but you also want the convenience of online shopping.

Imagine opting in so it identifies you and you agreed to let the use the data and it knows you've been looking at these cameras.

The ones you're interested hein are here, here.

If you really like it, they hand you the one you like.

That will be the convergence.

You are seeing that with apple.

Even something as simple as purchasing food.

If you are allergic, you walk in the store and you really don't want that because you are allergic against milk.

Extreme "minority report." you are right.

We will get to that.

Let's talk about healthcare.

It's already starting to happen, the whole sequencing of dna.

You think there'll be a whole expansion.

Crexendo think about the implication, this physician had leukemia and none of the conventional treatments worked.

Basically the sequenced his genome and they found the difference between the healthy cells and the ones that were cancerous was an imperfection in dna but much more similar to what you see in kidney cancer.

They treated him with medicine appropriate for kidney cancer and he's in full remission.

A kind of a breakthrough is amazing what you are doing treatments based on averages as opposed to individualized.

Why did the fda shut down the company trying to going that direction?

Do you have the information to make that kind of play active there's a challenge in the whole point of big data getting it up in a form we can use it is to get accurate associations between a dna reading and public interfacing.

Let's talk about cities.

This big city, how are they going to change in the next five years.

Of a wonderful place but they should cater to the resident and not the other way around.

During rush hour, you walk in and a train shows up and it's packed like sardines.

There's another 130 seconds behind it and it's empty.

Imagine that if you opt in and say i was not let you know who i am but let you know i'm here, it sees a rush of people and i will accelerate the first train and bring another right behind it so we don't get this overload.

What about those people holding the doors?

They will always do that.

In fairness to new york city subways, they do tell you the train will be there in two minutes.

They are getting better.

Let's get to security and a digital guardian.

There are more and more of this.

We were just talking about the snapshot -- snapchat add.

All of the things i have discussed, these are running analytics and bringing the costs down.

Instead of worrying about protecting my computer or my cell phone, what if you protected you?

You have a digital guardian really adept at electronics that watched the entire world on your behalf.

Stuff start showing up and you did not see a direct correlation between what happens.

What happened the?

Is that a device, a company?

It will be running very broadly echoes from virtually everything.

That will come out of some other major security group or out of a startup.

Your credit card company already does a limited form of that.

Mcafee was founded, what, 12 years ago?

Right now instead of being the point solution it will protect you in the literal sense of the world and you will have an overseer.

You have to.

You are giving up so much information and you want something protect in you.

You have a very cool job.

This is what you do every day, thinking about these big issues.

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