The $175 Whiskey Endorsed by Frank Sinatra

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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Emma Rosenblum and Heather Greene, director of whiskey education at the Flatiron Room, discuss the importance of celebrity endorsements in the liquor business with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Whiskey from frank.

For not trusting the -- so not trust select is what it called.

We know that he consumed jack daniels whiskey.

But he and never -- but he never endorsed it when he was alive.

Now they have partnered up and it is going extraordinarily high-priced.

About $150 up to $250 per bottle.

What makes this sinatra select any different than the regular jack daniels echo it is 90 proof as opposed to 80 proof.

And they say it's got rich amber tones and it is an open task.

I'm sure she can tell you why it is actually better.

But it also comes with a book about frank sinatra's life and how he relates to jack daniels.

Wasn't frank thatcher buried with a bottle?

-- wasn't frank sinatra area with a bottle?

Legend has it that he was actually there it with a flask of jack daniels.

We know that he loved it.

He chose to go onstage with it.

He was introduced to it by jackie gleason in the late 1940's in new york city.

He was a huge fan of jack daniels.

What makes it special, besides the higher proof, is that they actually cut grooves into the wooden staves when they age that whiskey, giving the spirit more exposure to the wood, which they suggest will give it smoother character.

What do you think echo will people be ordering -- what do you think?

Will people be ordering this at the flat iron room?

I think people will go crazy for it.

It is in popular demand now and they will run out of it, i would think.

But possibly -- but also this is to give a halo effect to jack daniels.

Is celebrity that important when it comes to this special status?

I think that is up for debate.

Mila kunis is now a celebrity endorser of jim beam.

We will see how that works.

But frank sinatra, we are looking at an iconic american symbol, and jack daniels is very similar to that.

It can fit in your roadside dive bar and at a fancy wedding.

They have done studies about how franken entre resonates with younger men.

-- frank sinatra resonates with younger men.

Maybe he is still the chairman of the board.

What makes the flatiron room so special?

I've never been to the flatiron room, so i don't know what i could tell you.

Can you tell me that you met your husband at the flatiron room?

The flatiron lounge.

Lounge, i beg your pardon.

Close enough for government work.

It was an amazing place with amazing cocktails.

The we have a whiskey collection that includes whiskeys from around the world.

What is your favorite?

Whiskey is an occasion.

That would be a whole other conversation, how about that?

Heather green is with the

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