Inside the Billionaire Hobbies of Ballmer, Ellison, Allen

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew G. Miller reports on the hobbies and passions of notable billionaires on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Now to discuss.

This is interesting.

I asked him where he would sit and he said, courtside.

I think we can anticipate seeing a lot of cheering from steve ballmer.

He will probably rival mark on that front.

He is sweating hard.

He will be going crazy.

A lot of billionaires like to do that.

One of the interesting things about steve ballmer and the way he is financing the deal, he is probably borrowing against microsoft shares or using microsoft dividends to pay for the clippers.

It is a huge premium and a lot of billionaires are able to do that, leverage their big stake in huge assets in order to have a lot of fun.

He talked about the importance of civic duty.

His life is very involved in children's programs in washington.

He is also very outspoken about the need for gun control.

That is a passion of his.

Basketball will be a big part of his daily life.

We have seen other billionaires devote themselves to causes and hobbies.

Think about larry ellison.

Hundreds of millions of dollars.

He has got oracle shares and stocks and loans against his oracle shares in order to fund his passion.

He dumped hundreds of millions of dollars into it.

He owns samurai weaponry and armor, which you collect at his house.

He owns a lot of real estate from alec who to newport to rhode island to lake tahoe.

He is dumping it into the things he cares about.

Most billionaires make their money and work until they die.

Some billionaires discovered they actually have to go out and do passionate causes like bill gates and philanthropy.

Paul allen.

You look at steve ballmer, he made the assets paul allen owns a lot more valuable.

If you look at the seattle seahawks, portland, both are worth more now that ballmer has paid some much for the clippers.

They have to be incredible he high charged an incredibly driven to have been as successful as they have been.

How do you suddenly scaled back and say, i will retire now.

I do not think that is the fact.

Him getting involved with the clippers is a full-time job.

He will take as much passion with that as he did at microsoft.

It is important their personality type.

He will be pretty driven to make the team successful just as he

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