Tesla to Investigate Model S Fiery Crash

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July 7 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller reports on Tesla Model S fiery crash in Los Angeles, California leads to investigation with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Investigating the incident, saying it wants to study the remains of the stolen vehicle.

I want to bring in matt miller, who has driven a model s and done a lot of reporting on the company.

This is interesting because he wants to look into the battery fire.

That's right.

This is what tesla has said after each accident involving a model s that resulted in a fire.

They don't want to jump to any conclusions.

That is probably very smart.

It should also be mentioned that there were a lot of injuries and a couple of fatalities.

It was not just the tesla.

It was a 100 mile per hour high-speed crash in the afternoon through los angeles.

The police crash and then the tesla crashed later.

They also ran into a parked car mercury and a honda civic that had five people in it.

It was a disaster.

That should be set first.

Anytime you have a high-speed crash, if you had a pole at 100 miles per hour, it is going to be a serious problem for the car and its occupants.

The car split in half.

Half of it was wedged in between two walls of a synagogue.

The other half went off and exploded into flames that were stories high.

This is not just a little fire.

That is what happens when these lithium-ion batteries catch on fire.

One of the local residents told a local television station they thought it was fireworks because it was on the fourth of july.

Some other celebration or that someone's box of fireworks had accidentally ignited.

Obviously, it is a serious issue for tesla.

They have had this problem with lithium-ion batteries catching on fire in the past.

They have issued fixes.

They put another skid plate under the car.

But if you hit something at 100 miles per hour, a lot of skid plates are not going to hold up, even if there are three of them.

Which is what they have.

I want to switch gears to another story.

In mexico.

Auto manufacturing is literally going gangbusters.

This is interesting because of all of the stories we had about car companies think they're going to invest money in mexico.

Mexico has moved ahead of brazil in terms of production of vehicles.

The last five months in a row.

That is interesting because people thought brazil, they had the money on brazil for a few more years.

It is just that mexico is exporting so many cars to the u.s.. eight out of 10 cars that are built in mexico are exported into this market and brazil does not really have that.

Brazil exports to argentina and those exports of fallen 28%. i will keep covering both

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