Tesla Should Focus on Battery Production: Wert

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Tiny Toy Car Founder Ray Wert discusses Tesla’s growth potential and some of the issues that could hinder it. He speaks to Trish Regan, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Growth in china is kind of important.

They just cannot produce those cars because they can't get enough batteries.

Production is a huge issue.

One of the three biggest issues was going to be what they are going to do to address the battery situation.

If they cannot figure out a way to produce those lithium-ion batteries, they are not going to be producing here or china or anywhere.

One of the ways they are going to do that is a giga factory.

What is a giga factory?

What do you think it means?

Probably not going to have anything to do with the frunk.

I think what they need to be doing is find a way to more efficiently produce those batteries.

That was one of the questions people had about the conversations apple was having.

Is it about building up more lithium ion production?

Lex the last driver, the panasonic agreement, they put in a $2 billion order for batteries which was like tens of thousands of batteries.

They are doing everything they can to get their hands on battery power.


That's going to be the real bottleneck, whether they can get enough batteries and be able to meet the demand for growing beyond being a ditch automaker.

Can we look at the shares after hours -- a nine percent gain, another record for tesla.

It's just amazing.

People lie and eyes elon musk and yet the company keeps outperforming expectations.

You had some pretty huge debates with some in the analyst community about the valuation of this company.

Because the valuation is fairly unreasonable.

It's hard to justify a company worth twice as much as the, three times as much as fiat question mark tesla makes 20,000 vehicles a year.

General motors makes about 9.7 million vehicles and the market capitalizations are completely skewed.

There's no way tesla is worth 50% of what general motors is worth.

But they say you have to value it as a tech company

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